Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My roots, your roots

Actually, I don't plan to blog bout this, but ... since that I got a pic, why not?

Have you ever looked back in your life to reflect on how far have you gone, what have you been through and where were you all these while?

Many people leave the country for others, for the sake of education, careers as well as personal affairs. Some might return some may not. For those who do, they do it both willingly and some ... unwillingly.

Well .... I have my own reason.

Would you ever degrade and put down your country when you are away? It doesn't look good on you, does it? No, it's not about not singing your national anthem whatsoever. It's not about the lies that you have to say while talking to people. It's as simple as not putting and degrading your own country when the fact that you were born, raised and educated there. It doesn't make you look almighty when you pollute your own country's name. They thought they are all that great, they thought by doing this, it makes them look like they are the best whatsoever when a matter of fact, it's the opposite .... sadly.

Have you encountered when your country mate just degrade your country right in front of you? Would you get mad? Probably not for you until you see that look of the face and the word that was used.

Unfortunately, this person had forgotten the roots after she is being so-called "higher" than her country mate heh ... by herself of course. I know her as the lower ranking one, the one who is not educated and the one that do not have any identity which is .... so pathetic. Frequently, I had to admit that she's my countrymate ... sad to say.

Just like a picture .. look down ... look back ... if this country does not exist, or it does exist with a very unstable social, economic and political issues, would she be where she is today. I doubt no. Oh yeah, that's why her nick is a schwein aka babi but she is not a pig, never was never will. I know all brings the same meaning, but no, she's not a pig. More like scheisse babi. That's why she has the brain of the species :D

You know something, she blocked me from MSN last year hahaha ... and I don't know anything anyways, coz I deleted her :D since we never talked, why waste space for blocking and all, just delete would be awesome, oh la la :D

C'est la vie


claudine said...

shes ashamed of her own country, her country is ashamed to have her.

tom said...

i hate "kacang melupakan kulit" kinda people..

miCheLle said...

aiyo...ignore abt those ppl la, hear liao oso sienzz~~

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak... i also wanna blog abt this!! but u blogged liao.. ok nvm.. i just wanna say this kind of ppl kan, they think that just becos they study overseas or tinggal overseas, they think they are upper class or one level higher than the rest..

This kind of breed really pissed me off!! hahahahahaa!!!!!!

Mochii said...

clod: and her country mates is ashamed to admit it hehe

tom: so many ... sadly sigh and the number is growing more and more

michelle: lol chill la .. just blogging haha

iwan: hehe we have the same thought!!! eh you can blog bout it also la haha but im not those species okie hehe :D

Anonymous said...

she has nothing to do with us. haha~ and i don't understand why she came back if she's so ashamed of her country.

Mochii said...

haahaha no permit LOLLLL

Anonymous said...

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