Friday, October 5, 2007

Onii-chan became Onii-on

Due to the fact that I will not be blogging tomorrow, or rather tonight, I will blog another entry now, as to make up for it, as well as of late that I have lack of updates and it's seriously lagging behind. Last post was for mid September and not for current month. How sad.

This happened on the same night as TGIF. Yeah it's a Friday today but why am I not excited, why am I not happy, why am I dragging towards Friday, why why and why. One reason. Because I dont have 2 pigs in KL anymore and because there is no outings and because I don't even know why and because I only have one day off per week and because I don't have anything to look forward to currently. How sad can I be.

This was actually the first time I met Onii this year haha. If you are wondering what Onii is, it's actually Onii-chan. He's my protector HAHA. Don't play play okie he will beat you up wearing his FCUK tee :D Do you feel like pinching him XD

Hehe it has been some time really that I did not wear ear rings on 3 holes that I pierced. Yea remember I pierced another 2 holes early this year in Zurich? Hehe ... happy happy. The most that I wear is only one on each year hehe.

But then .... you don't have to pinch him anymore coz he pokes himself now haha ... just like the MSN emoticon :D

I just realized I wore pink and it should be Onii who wears pink umm ... after that night his name became Onii-on as in Onion XD and and ... you know why I said he should be the one wearng pink? Because he's a pig, a dead one to be precise, and it's called porkie BUT ... warning, nobody can call him porkie except his queen haha.


claudine said...

pink suits you leh michy.

oni act cute ar? :P

Mochii said...

hhahaha i seldom wear pink leh hehe
onii acts kewt wahahahah :p pig pig onii-on :p

Iwan Sanchez said...

lady in pink!!!

Mochii said...

who *look left look right* :p