Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Penang Trip : One

Dance is a little insanity that does us all a lot of good. -Edward Demby

The last time I was in Penang was so darn long ago so I guess this is a good opportunity to pay Penang a visit ... hehe actually more for the food more than anything else. Since that Ah Boi had resigned and is shaking leg at home, I rather that he takes me out than doing that at home to keep him busy lolz knowing the fact that he was going to Dubai already then, which he is already there :S

Let's see ... the most recent before this was I guess ... 2002 or was it 2001 omg I can't even remember ... that was er ... 6 years ago omg

Welcome to Penang ...

So cloudy so windy so nice :D

This is .. presenting ... Siao Zha Bo ... if she ever knows this .. I think I wouldn't be typiing away here though it's a fact I call her that :P

Hehehe ... I like this shirt ... so bold :P but I like it!

LOL .. he claimed I bullied him by taking his pix while he was driving but I was certainly not bullying ... coz he took mine while I was driving before heheh ... plus he wouldn't be driving for the next few years due to his work commitments lolz

Edit: SIGH Gotta work ... and I'm not feeling that well .. BOO!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jalan Alor

To dance is to be yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power on earth and it is yours for the taking. -Agnes DeMille

Back from Bali and back to work today, time flies man really, 8 days of annual leave gone ... just like that.

It's already half past 8 and just a little while more, I gotta prepare to work, just like how it used to be. Going to work today ... is a tad different, I'm kinda anticipating it and yet I'm dragging too lolz. It's a mix feelings. We should get more long holidays.

Just to tell you ... I did not bring my baby camera to Bali, how sedih-fying can it be. It was left with Moo ... of all places, in his pocket. Seeing all my previous pics ... I realized how people could not recognize me at first and now I know the reason. The change was THAT drastic. Looking at those pics got me to realize how different I was, just like a complete new person. This is called transformation. HAHA.


I'm dedicating this picture ... especially this picture to my brother ... yes I do have a brother .. a real one hahaa ... blood related .. not fake .. not only by name ... it's for REAL. haha ...
Jalan Alorrrr .... yumsss ... my first ever meal after I touched down in LCCT. Hehee ... damn satisfying ... nebermind ... wait til December :D perhaps he will not see this, I hope not too, he will kill me, so whats the point of putting this up one will wonder, actually ... I do not know too haha

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I turned 24 on Sep 25th

I'm back from Bali oops yea I went for a holiday there 4 days 3 nights er not many knew though ... and also yes ... I have officially joined the 24 club together with all the other rats this year.

Thanks to those who came for my birthday dinner, again, not many knew because that was with my colleagues, and only colleagues with the exception of Dolphania and her hubby though knowing the fact that the very next day I still gotta fly off to Bali. Ey, last year I did not really celebrate, so give me a break :p First time in few months I went chilling out and guess what, this is the first ever time I step my foot into Velvet how embarassing lolz

To all colleagues who attended: Thank kiew thank kiew and of course specially to Dede who made this happen, muaks muaks and also thank you for that touching post also to Ah Moi with the honourable post hehe

To all the incoming dedications:
Rajes the Bottoms Up guy
Mann the Female Cow
Piggy the Siao Zha Bo
Jacqueline the Little One I once knew
Azli the ex-Liebe
William the Vain Pot
Darren the Master of Geishas
Mae Mae the Virtual Boss
Lulu the Chicken King ( when I'm in KL, you dont wanna call me, only call when I'm out of Msia)
Hwee Gaip the ex-tomboyish partner (I'm shocked, she knew my bday even after 11 years, lost contact after Form 5, no Friendster, no Facebook, how she remembers ... my gawd)
Jay, Madeline, Harleen, Zoe, ELaine, Mariana, Jess, Christopher C, Patrick, Prince, Jia Li, Jack, SP, Kylie, Onii-on

I was in Penang for two days before Bali ... and I got a very nice birthday present ... from Ah Boi lolz, who is now in Dubai enjoing the darn hot weather

Just for your information, Michy Quah is me lolz ... this is from Ah Boi ... dammit ... I miss him coming down to KL to bug me lolz ... he made the cake, Oreo Cheese cake and he also made the cookies by himself, darn nice I tell you, better than Famous Amos ... I'm dead serious

A gift from RJ and hubby ... lolz I know I'm 24 but I will not reject a soft toy haha

Piggy bought me a Patrick dog haha

and ... out of nowhere
My stylist also wished me ... how thrilled I was! on the dot :o voila yea now ... I am ah lian ... so ah lian-fied these days
*stylist was in deep contemplation*
Me: whats wrong
He: No I was just thinking if I put as normal the colour canot be seen and if I put too much you will look like ah lian
Me: Ooi if you turn me into an Ah Lian I will kill you first hehe
He: *laugh* you will kill me hah ... *smile*

He gave me a damn good offer ... wash, cut, treatment and colour only 160 bucks ... that alone is already a birthday gift :) Thats why I always return to him :P he's by far the best stylist and this round he never charge me for colouring hehe =p SP I never flirt I promise

P/s: I am still not touching the chocolates that was sent to my house, until I know who that person is, or else ... probably it will end up in somewhere I can't even imagine. Stop being a whatever and show up ...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Merdeka Lunch @ Absolute Thai

To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance. -Aubrey Lynch

I re-pierced my ear ... for the 2nd time ... so it doesn't increase the hole count. All together I only have 4 piercings so far ... only 4.

Anyhows ... during Merdeka, I had my day off, yeah can you actually believe it that I had my day off on a Sunday, on a public holiday and as well as the Monday. Well, there's a price to pay for sure. Right after that 2 days, I went through hell. I worked 1 day 5-1 then followed by 7 nights of midnight shift, off one day which don't consider as one because how can you consider that as an off day when you finish work at 7 in the morning, and right after that it was 10 days afternoon shift consecutively. I never know I could withstand that.

Anyways ... Merdeka ... I had lunch with someone that I had not seen for a year or so now. Hence, decided to meet up for lunch. Before meeting him, Kylie and I prayed very hard that he doesn't overdress. So so hard and it WORKED. lolz. The person I mentioned .... is nobody else but .. Mikel Splash Splash ...

We were in Absolute Thai

Sure not to be missed .. Tom Yum Gai .. there's a room for improvement though

I lurve just this ... green curry ... beef hehe

The dessert is hereeee

*Tang Tang* Kylie and Mikel with the PINK pillows lolz

While this is Mikel and the author of this post


I am off to Bali tomorrow, see you all on Sunday

I was 21 3 years ago

I left for Penang on Sunday, and I got home on Monday, just a mere 24 hours in Penang. Reason I went there is for the food and also to meet Ah Boi before he leaves for Dubai. I told him make sure he does not bring back a Dubai gf -_- HAHA

Anyways .... ever since I got home, my dad passed me a parcel that was meant for me. I saw that, I asked who lolz I asked like as if he knew hehe. He helped me to open as I didn't have any free hands to open.

Oh no! I received a BOMB from an unknown sender. Yes, a bomb. OMG! Thinking of which, I think I have someone in mind though. It's a Swiss Chocolate, and there's a birthday card, which is a HOLY COW card, and everything seems perfect eh ... but no, I am not 21 years old, that was 3 years ago for your information. I am turning 24 okay.

Probably sender might be thinking that I wouldn't know and perhaps maybe I really do not know because at this stage, I am just guessing. I have a feeling that it might be this certain someone, like the probability is kinda high. Furthermore, I wouldn't eat it until I know who that person is.

Deng! Birthday gifts supposed to be appreciated but ... I don't if you are being mysterious.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We will survive

After going through quite a shocking disappointment, somebody asked me if there's anymore resignation ... or rather if I know anything. The first thing that came to my mind was NO, Not another one only he said he meant it as a one month's notice, a proper one. How traumatized people are these days after incidents after incidents like this just occur. It wasn't because she resigned 24 hours, it was because it's her, she's one of us, that we do not know anything about. Never did she tell any of us anything though we can sense that she wanted to tender but not knowing when but who knows she just gone ... just like that. How can she do this to us, how can she make us suffer even more. It's quite a phobia-tic incident lolz is there such a word.

When we put on this uniform, it isn't about traditionalism, it isn't about orientalism, it isn't about legacy, it isn't about sophistication, it's about about going out there in the war battling and batling even more. Even when you're almost dying, you still gotta keep on fighting. Those who had really fallen sick could not afford to take MC, simply because we are short of manning, rwealllyyy short and if you're sick, make sure you die, or else you will be cursed until death anyways. We are only left with the few of us, we gotta survive ... we must hold on, together, as one.
We, now, desperately, waiting for more to join us, to battle with us, and to of course welcome you as a warrior :) a fighting warrior ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

What da hell

Honestly speaking

What is happening to the world out there, or maybe just this establishment. What is the bloody trend now. What da hell with the No Show and 24 hours resignation. Is it SO nice.

4 people ... 4 working colleagues ... resign and just go in 24 hours.

The first one do that I don't care though we used to be friends but after that incident I couldn't care about what happens to her, even she said she has brain tumour and all, I am not bothered and the fact that she just went off like that without a word, I was happy enough that she resigns. At least, there's finally peace again. With her around, there will never be peace but just war.

Second one I was happy again that she left it didn't bother me at all simply because she isn't my very very close working colleague though I still have to face her, and work with her but who cares .. with that kind of attitude ... HAH thanks but no thanks

Third one already expected that ... expected her to resign but still I never felt anything at all

Now, the forth one ... had really disappointed me, that I thought this was different, this was rational enough, this was matured enough to handle things like this. I don't care what reason she gives but it is totally unacceptable and no reason is acceptable for doing things like this. You leave without a word, without anything, and in the end, the consequences you left was huge, everyone have to suffer. You suffered because that other colleagues left within 24 hours, how do you feel. It's darn irritating and suffocating, YOU KNOW the feeling but why are you repeating what they had done to us. If you wanna resign say so, say early, just tender, in a proper way, leave in a proper way, why do it in such a bad way, you're so so unprofessional. If you don't know how to write that letter, I do it for you. The colleagues, the bosses, everyone will wish you the best and help you in every possible way, if you wanna resign and everyone will respect that decision of yours, BUT ... just leave it like that shows how irresponsible are you. REALLY .. you dissappointed me ... like hell.

It's so pissing off ... what attitude is this ...

25K needed for Operation

When someone come into this world, seeing you a healthy baby everyone is relief. You grow up to be a child, then teenager and now becoming a young adult soon, suddenly something just happens.

The last thing your loved ones wanna do is something to happen to you. Things happen unexpectedly. We can't deny that. I have a close friend whose sister need a replacement to her hip bone due to something and operation alone needs 25K. Small amout might not be anything to you but it means a lot to her and the family.

If you are interested to donate, I will pass you the bank account details :) These times are difficult times if you are in their shoes, to overcome this, and the fact that in future she will not be able to run and squat and things like that. Being in the sister's shoes will be even worse, the fact that you will not be able to do things you used to do for the past 2 decades or something. Not everyone is able to accept this fact, if I am her, I don't think I can face this but to be just lifeless and soulless. She's young very young, with bright future ahead of her, with endless hope to achieve and fulfil her dreams and because of this it might hold back her dreams. How disappointed one will be.

The fact that she is able to accept the fact is something I respect. Not many could do that when all along you have been living as a normal being, you run, jump, squat, and all when all of a sudden, you face with this challenge of life, this trauma and the fact she could still smile, she could still see hope in her face.

I am donating a small amount, so could you :)

Life is full of unforeseen cirsumstances

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Non-Paiseh @ Imperial Hotel

I began to discriminate between fear and excitement. The two, though very close, are completely different. Fear is negative excitement, choking your imagination. Real excitement produces an energy that overcomes apprehension and makes you want to close in on your goal. - Twyla Tharpe

After Bisou-ing we went to the opposite, Imperial Hotel which was formerly called Shereton Imperial.

Not knowing what to do, it's time for pics ... so please if you can't bear and tolerate any non-paisehs pictures please proceed to the exit NOW. It's a warning.

I know it's just some retarded pictures that we took ...


Woohoo ... September 16th marks the day Malaysia was formed in 1963. Malaysia is not 51 years old, just that we gained independence 51 years ago, and the formation of Malaysia consist of Peninsula, Borneo and that includes Brunei then and Singapore was also part of this which was then segregated years later, came only 6 years later. Now, look at it. How it developed. Which direction it is going to. Those years, not very long ago, we were going forward, and forward and things were improving. These days, I guess I just don't have to say it that we are actually making a U-turn, more and more nonsense is taking place, more and more shameful things, and it is now a laughing stock to the world. The people who is G the country is actually very creative, they can think about things beyond your imagination. IF only they use it for a different purpose. Now, we ask ... we gained Independence, the people those days went out there to fight all the way, with sweat, tears and blood, just for the sake of the children today, and how is it worth it to date. Is it worth what they fought for when funny things just keep on happening. The ones in power think that they are doing an excellent job but from a perspective of the people, it's way way opposite. Anyways, I shall just keep it low. Today, people know Malaysia only because it's located in between Singapore and Thailand o.O Those in charge wants to gain world fame, but ... through funny news again. Yeah they get people from outside to build the tallest building, the tallest flag, the biggest this and the biggest that, spent gazillions of tax payers hard earned money for someone to go up to the moon who then later got that "Sir" title, but never something we can be proud of. See ... more and more issues, conflicts, controversial and etc. This is facts, though we constantly wanna deny it.
It's not all the bad thing, in the other hand, we have a world class squash player that we can be really proud of, we have that varieties of food that people are dying for which open 24 hours, we are not a natural disaster potential country, which now, can happen anywhere unfortunately, still the chances are minumum compared to other countries, we have one of the most public holidays, we can watch movies at 6 ringgit on Wednesdays LOLLL .... and it's only 1 ringgit plus for one teh ais compared to 5ch or rather 15 ringgit for one teh ais in Swiss lolz alrights I better stop here or else more and more nonsense ... BUTTT ... it's something proud OKAY! =p

Monday, September 15, 2008


Moga moga cepat pergi

He is such a pain in the arse.

So ..
What are you waiting for?

LEAVE and nobody even cares, hope never see again :)

Cepatlah berambus

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bisou Part 4

"Remember that dance has a dimension beyond the physical. The body-as imperfect as it always is-is only part of the picture. Your energy, the quality of your movement, your feeling about the world, your dance spirit-that is what we see under the lights" - Dance Magazine 3/05

Alright, as promised ... I'm gonna close the Bisou entries here, at this very post. As the most anticipated pics ... I'm sure

I admit and those who know me knows this ... a fact, that, me, as in I, do not eat greens, I'm so not a vegetable person but I like caeser salad, I know I contradict myself ... Librans are like that lolz, it's also the favourite of either Massa or Raikkonen when they were in the hotel this year lolz and I read it in the preference list

This was the main reason we were there, for the chocolate fondue. It was awesome I tell you. The chocolate wasn't that rich, unlike the ones in Haagen-Dazs whereby the chocolate was too rich. This is just nice. Perfecto!

The two Dedes once again

Followed by this called Duck Wrapped ... omggg this was like amazing grace! We were so indulged ... seriously ... it was darn good

This was like the last food we ordered ... it's called salmon something lolz ... it was nice as well ;)

Let me say this as an overall. Overall I love this, it was an amazing dining experience with a small group of nice people around to chill and hang out. The ambience was perfect, the food was brilliant. We already decided to tip them, yes, we actually TIP others, because all of us are from this industry lolz. So we know how it feels about tipping. We decided to take a turn about tipping after one incident though. This was what happened

When we wanted to order the last food, the lady told us she has to check with the kitchen staff if it's still open. Mind you, it was 8.30pm and the lady informed us that they close at 9. Alright we got that. Fine nevermind, she came back with the food then after we ordered, and she, yes yet again told us they are closing at 9pm.

"M'am we are closing at 9, okay"

D'uh we got that must you repeat that so many times, we are not that deaf and dumb not to understand. She was so freaking rude, thus we decided to just hold back the tips :) If she was just a little bit more pleasant and polite, then it will be cool. Unfortunately people are just some lazy ass that they can't extend a little longer. Hello? Even before I was in F&B almost everyday it extended alright, and we never tell off the customers.

But it's alright we will not be 5 star guests to tell them that we will not return coz the more you say it the more you will do it lolz. So anyways ...

We will be back on 24th September for my birthday LOL and we are all polite people, we will leave at 9pm SHARP! I will make sure of that ;) don't worry

P/s: Randomly, I feel something is really wrong, that someone is hiding behind different nicks umph I shall investigate

Saturday, September 13, 2008


May I just know why some guys are so ridiculously lame, or perhaps this particular desperado?

Keep it professional please, though you are a freaking brainless person paying. It did not happen to me of course, it happened to one of the people working with me, and it happened right in front of my eyes. They can be so BLUNT .. like so so shamelessly blunt. Before it actually happened, I knew this was going to happen but not til this extent, just by seeing how he looks at her. o.O

He: So ur the *censor* here
she: yes
He: so what's ur surname?
she: *surname*
He: oh i see, you speak chinese?
she: yes
He: oh but your english is good
she: *just smile* lolz
He: Can you write down your mobile number here?
she: I dont have
He: Cannot be la ... dont bluff
she: really I dont have
He: Give me your business card and write down your email then
she: *wrote but it's the company's email address lolz*
He: Is this ur personal one?
she: nope, this is for everyone in *censor*
He: That means what I send to you everyone can see
she: yes
He: cannot la like that, give me ur email
she: sorry sir no
He: Are you married?
she: yes
He: aiya!! That's why la

Just after he left, I knew he was going to look back so I just pretended nothing never spoke to her until he is out of sight, then only I went "ewwwww" He is so mentally impaired. He has proven what level of mentality he has and he definitely proves to be one of the top losers.

On a seperate occasion, another colleague was escorting this dude for arrival and he went on to hold her waist and immediately she pushed him away "No Sir" Seriouslyy what happened to all thse people ... GET A LIFE.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Maison night

It is not the movements that make a dance beautiful, it is the emotions that inspired the movements that make it beautiful. Kristy Nilsson

Anyways ... take a break of Bisou, rewind ... rewind ... few months back

Flashbacks ...

Dedes ... in comparison from the then pics and now, both of us had chopped off out hair! HAHA anyone miss that? :P

Kim ... the random chic ... is back to Swiss but gonna come back to Asia ... and specifically Singapore ... to conquer, the 2nd time -_- *puke puke* puke coz of what you know-la haha

Ming, miss her being drunk lolz back to Swiss also, Dede ^_^ Ying has gotten her hair electric shocked ... too stressed working haha and yes of course Mary hailed from Thailand lolz ... the one and only one remains the same from few months back

Those were the nights we partied ... it was fun at first, it was awesome, until it came to a point that partying was only due to accompanying others and not having fun, it came to the extent that it regarded as boring and tiresome. I see people, so many people still enjoying doing so. Or is it perhaps that I see those clubs every single day til it came to this boiling point. I have been staying away from this kinda night life for quite sometime now, and I can't even remember when was my last visit to a club. That night was awesome though, just one of the crazy nights, many actually turned up, but did not manage to take any pics haha. That night was almost all perfect, until someone turned aggressive o.O siut

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bisou 3

While I Dance I Cannot Judge, I Cannot Hate, I Cannot Separate Myself From Life...........I Can Only Be Joyful And Whole. That Is Why I Dance - Unknown

This is another entry on Bisou, and it's not gonna end here though. Pictures and only more pictures.

Dum Dum ...

I like this picture tho ... very comfortable kinda feeling ... very cozy

This ... was taken with a different camera. Hence, the different colour lolz

This is Dede ... called Dede Cheong HAHA ..

While this ... the name is Dede Quah lolz

Monday, September 8, 2008

Never-ending entertaining live drama

There was a news ... a breakthrough news yesterday that somebody had tendered ... in 24 hours. It's getting more and more interesting with all the on-going dramas that has been happening. This is the best of the best ... 2 tendered and gone in 24 hours in less than a week. One through phonecall which is probably acceptable, another was ... guess what? Through SMS. o.O

Somethings are funny. It isn't HA-HA funny but it's STRANGEFULLY funny. It's ironic though, just one month back, or perhaps less than that, 2 females ... who used to be like really good friends with each other, who used to be the bestest of friends, were bitching like nobody's business. I poke you and you poke me back, it continues on and on. It never ended nevertheless. Even when they were friends, one of them were already stabbing the other. This friendship was not pure and it's just a matter of time before it crashes down. Boom! It collapsed ... due to some stupid reason which is ridiculously funny. Female classic.

I find it superbly amusing and totally amazed by their lifestyle. Bitching and stabbing yet friends. So after the previous scenario that the stabber had tendered, she kept bugging so many people for forgiveness and desperately messaging people of nonsense messages. Yeah, big deal. Many people .... and I mean many. They are happy living like this, then go ahead for sure lolz. Even after fighting, not talking to each other, ended up ...... hanging out with each other again. Sometimes, it's so impressive that nothing could describe. Asking for money from others was like the hobby of all time. Stabber oh stabber, get a life? Please? Messaging people on and off and on ... er ... work, please? The messages were not relevant, hi how are you. Doing absofantabulously great without you, but then again, I wasn't that mean to actually say such things but I asked her whadda heck lu mau ... lolz in a proper way for sure. Oh funny thing is after poking, she can tell the other party involved that the other person is her sis or friend. ROFL. Joke of the decade!

Seriously, this isn't the first time I see people stab poke and whatever but first time I see people fight people stab and in the end they are still friends. What is wrong with their brains. Just a note though, an apology is enough to cover the sins that she has done apparently. Er ... hello? You got to be kidding. Sorry means everything, kid me not. At least not to me, what is done is done and just get off from my sight that's all, IMHO. If sorry means everything, I can actually kidnap someone ask for ransom murder the victim after getting the money, go to the police station and say sorry in the end of the day and I will not be punished. What is the use of all the policemen around the world if sorry is such a strong word.

Wonder heh ...

Entertaining for sure ... phenomenal and terrificly astounding to witness

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bisou Part 2

Dance is a song of the body. Either of joy or pain. ~Martha Graham

Hehe so yea continue from my Bisou post, Kiss Kiss :D

This is MH

Look at the menu, choose it .... *salivating*

This is whom I call as Dum Dum Mac Tong Tong .. a darn cute name indeed haha

I like that candle ... :D

LOL ... wait for more

Randomly some people are not worth what they are getting from others, when all they do was to play with people's feelings. It's really insightful and while this particular person enjoys it the other person suffer from blindness. Did I say that this certain someone is also darn materialistic? Those who got blinded probably is already hit by some chronic disease, sadly.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bisou Part 1

As I have put in my earlier post, I had dinner at Bisou Restaurant one of those days, which wasn't very long ago, it was just last month. Yes, I know it's kinda late but it's not too late ... yet. Let me introduce you, Bisou is a restaurant just for chilling out, a place with perfect ambience for friends to catch up with each other and all. Most important of all, they have chocolate fondue. Sounds tempting? Indeed. Bisou actually means Kiss if it is translated into French. Pictures time.

First of all, before even entering the restaurant, this was what happened and I was just totally speechless like Oh Mein Gott! The pictures that we were taken again and again, being rejected, being denied ... and we were using 2 cameras! -_-

Good evening, Charlie lolz Dum Dum Mac Tong Tong, MH and CF

So the Christmas tree

Photographers' turn

Cupcake cupcake

It's quiet, not packed, great isn't it

If you thought that we were there just to take pix, you were sooo wrong, we ateeee :P but ... I will put that in the next post though