Friday, October 31, 2008

Useless idiotic neighbour

As days passed ... I have more issues with neighbours. I don't develop and establish any relationships with my neighbours because they are just people with issues. In return, they might think I am the one who is with issues, but I care not. First it started off with my this gangster cum mafia in residence at the condo when I was 14 who acts without thinking, and he can argue with his wife with banging of the doors and all like 3am in the morning and threw cat fish in the swimming pool when he was dissatisfied with the maintenance people of the condo. FINE!

We shifted ... to somewhere nearer to my school and for that, I can walk to and from school without any hassle. I have a neighbour ... a kindergarden as a neighbour and that itself is devastating really. Kids were nuisance by throwing rubbish to my house and dad got mad with them, scolded left right centre. Hence, kids came quietly with fear in their eyes, picked up the rubbish they did before and they cleared up the mess. They disturbed my dog and I told them to shut their mouth up. Well if you are telling me not to say all these things to a kid, I am not the person because I was greatly irritated by these kinds who know nothing but to destroy things. I was just frustrated with them that whatever rubbish I have I will just throw it over. Oh did I say that their parents are barbarians? They can have the cheeks to park their bloody car right in front of my house to pick up their bloody kids, as in they stopped the car, they get down and gone with the wind. Every evening, I gotta be in front of my house stare cock at them to make sure no bastards do that. They get on my nerves like hell. They just do not have the brains, oh my gawd! Few times ... I was so tempted to scratch their car ... did I do that? If you think I did that means I did, if you think I did not that means I did not LOL.

I shifted here to my current place ... another oh my gawd place. It's an insatiable feeling to have your schoolmate living so close to you. I mean it darnnn close ... just 2 doors away. This also got on my nerves. Not that long ago only, either she or the sis, parked right in front of my house and I came back at 2am ... after work, looking at that I felt like doing the scratching car again. The temptation was there. Sigh. I told myself, this will be the only time I am giving face as to not to block the car. Next time no mercy.

My room is located in the position that I am closer to the neighbour behind, as to I can hear anything and everything happens behind but whatever happens in front, I do not know. My neighbourhood sucks seriously. I used to have this neighbour who sings or rather shouts at 2am. Furthermore, I have also a neighbour who prays like 5am every single day so each time he prays there's a bell making hell lotsa noise which I can't take it. He moved and I am darn glad. Then there was this neighbour just beside me .. who used to scold the kids like mad, like some mad woman every single day without fail. They did renovation for more than 6 months before, just like that, without indication without notice that they were going to do so. I used to come home after 7pm everyday for that few months to avoid hearing that drilling sound, coz it gives me so much pressure. The way they park their car is as if his great grandfather's road.

NOW ... the back neighbour again, drilling sound ... here and there and I just could not take it anymore after countless encounter with all problematic neighbours who can't live in peace and harmony but the contrasting ideas. The moment I have finished night shift, all I wanna do is to sleep in peace without any disturbance to my beauty sleep. Due to the stupid drilling sound, I could not sleep well, I could not sleep and I am just getting so god damn bloody annoyed with it. Neighbour .. go to where you belong .. hell. BYE.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mein Geburstag : Vier

As the birthday continues ...


The brothers ... zzz.... he calls me brother ever since I had my hair cut =.= and right until now, still remains ...

Now with the dudes ...

Danny Boy ... was being the man and do the right thing ... HAHA and Tim was being the woman :p

Calm down calm down ... jai yen yen .. so da gay

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heaven and Earth

This happened quite some time ago, somewhat like end of last year ... that somebody commented on me, about me to me whatsoever.

This lady that I seldom talk with and will tend to avoid talking and will only do so if necessary. I keep all my conversations with her at a very minimum level and will not do so if I don't have to.

One day she heard that I went out clubbing, well in my words, it's called chilling out. She heard that and immediately she asked me if my bf allows me to go clubbing and all. The thing about people like that is they just assume and assume more. Question is since when I said I have a bf. It's hard to believe yes but it's the truth that I am so darn happy being single and being in an open relationship with Dede. Yes I am publicly announcing it, I am in an open relationship with Dede HAHA. She asked how old am I. There is nothing to hide, I was 23 then. The typical answer that an aunty will usually give was "HAR ur 23 already and ur still single, at your age you should already have a stable bf. Like me I'm 24 and I'm settling down already"

Very funny. Since when there is a rule saying I have to settle down at this age. You choose your life. You choose to live like a grandma at age 25 it's up to you. In the other hand, I choose a completely different world from you. I choose to live like a youth though knowing the fact that I already turned 24 haha. Sorry okay because I believe your life is in your own hands. We have different mentality. You are an aunt, I am not, though we are just one year gap. Even looking at her, I thought she was like 5 years older than me to the very least lolz. Okay okay, I know I'm mean btu ... I can't help it, that's just me.

Why must I? I have a life to live, I am enjoying my life, like seriously. I bet I have a life more than you do. Your world revolves around you bf and in-laws only ... get a life and stop nagging ... like .. please? Bebel Queen ... just a little bit of thing .. she starts saying ... aiyerrr why so busy wann ... d'uh you call that small little thing busy ... very fuuny HA-HA. Why are there species like this ... that they thought they decide other people's life. My life I choose how to life, there is absolutely nothing to do with her. I know how to live my own life, I don't need someone else who is not close to me, who is just someone I know from work come telling me all this nonsense ... I shall just say ... before you tell me this, look at your own life first and reflect because I am happy the way it is now and I don't need people like you who has no life to tell me what I should do. Just one word lady ... get a a life. There is more to life ... rather than bf bf bf and bf.

The end :D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mein Geburstag : Drei

This is the dish that has to be in the must-have that day. This was also the main reason I chose THai over the others. Tom Yum Gung, it was a bit savourish though ... yet I still enjoyed it considering the fact that the picture doesn't look tempting at all haha

C'est que ca? I don't even know lolz

Plaa ... yum yum

I have no idea why I like green curry too haha ... just do not know why as it is rather normal I presume yet I still love it, it incrases my appetite

The beef ... I'm a beef person hehe ... yumzzz .. ah loi mak mak ..

I liked Thai food since ages ago and until now I still love Thai food a lot, much more than before ever since stepping my foot into Luzern ... having authentic Thai food in Song Pi Nong ... yumz...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The series

I have a story that I wanna share ... and to laugh together.

Once upon a time there was a rather short guy named Beh Pai Seh. There was a girl named Chic. Another called Babe. Three of them are working colleagues.

Ever since Beh Pai Seh joined the company he has been trying to hit on Chic. Chic is a girl who does not take things seriously and whenever Beh Pai Seh plays around, she's always in for the game and never think too much about things. In the other hand, Beh Pai Seh took things seriously and thought Chic has something for him instead. Everyone knows about the story of the both of them and he really did confess to Chic at one point but Chic was simply not interested in a guy like him who was not attractive enough and not good enough for her. Moreover, he is god damn attached. Chic left the place soon after and heard no news ever since.

It's Babe's turn. They were attending a birthday party at once and they were rather close that night, much closer from days and months before that. They got closer as time passed by as he always offer to send her home and stuff like that. She was sincerely touched by his concern and care and decided to be open with him that she was touched but she made it clear that nothing can happen and they can only be good friends to the very least as both are legally attached to someone else. All the crappy things happened then and one day he called her up due to the fact that he argues with his gf, and the next thing she knows ... he was crying over the phone.

Can you imagine that? A guy CRIES over the phone because he kinda argued with his gf? Holy shit, what's happening to the guys today. Why are they becoming so soft, way too soft to be called a guy even. They aren't strong inside and outside, what are these species capable of now, besides being a loser and a jerk?
One thing about him though, he never realize that he is just another guy out there and his dreams is just too big to realize, to go after a girl who has guys all over queing up for her attention. He has gone way overboard, way beyond his abilities, way beyond what he can achieve when he thought he is gifted but unfortunately the truth is the opposite from what he thought. It's time for him to come back into reality and stop dreaming I supposed?

Beh Pai Seh, I think it's time to wake up from your dreams and time to face reality instead. Helloooo....? Do you hear me? Hello? Wake up? Jon Loi lor ... bangun lorrr .... chau kee liao lor ...

The last thing I wanna say about this whole series of drama is ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH it's darn funny LOLLL

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mein Geburstag : Zwei

The thing about working morning shift is that I could go home when I can still see the sun and the bad thing probably I wouldn't have the energy to blog, and the energy to stay alert or rather awake in front of the pc for more than 5 minutes. Usually I just faint ... right away. Imagine waking up at 5 plus, prepare and off to work, start work at 6.45am and work til bout say 5pm on average, if it's a weekend I'm at least able to reach home before 6pm and if it's a weekday I can dream on as I will be stuck with all the office fellas in the traffic chaos til some ungodly hours. Yea work in the centre of KL some more, asking for it -_- it's tiring seriously working morning.

Anyways ... here are some pics before the food came

Dedes... in action :P

Pam went green, green drink, green top and green eye shadow :S and apparently this drink was the ultimate drink to soothen and refresh after food

If I am not mistaken this is coconut

and er ... mango?

Fruit punch?

Danny Boy lolz

Everyone's uncle, the room controller and the senior LOL

Finally some wayang before food arrives ... be the man, do the right thing lolz :p i just think this pic is darn funny hehe :P and they held on in this position for quite some time before Tim turns to him haha

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PITA is them

This is an automated complaint centre

Is it so difficult to know what COD is. Buddy, let me explain it to you, COD stands for Cash On Delivery whereby if guest refuse to guarantee their extras with any mode of payment, whatever they consume they gotta pay by cash, only if they do.

Me: Siapa ni
She: YYY
She: Ha COD
I was thinking ... die she definitely does not understand and she then handed over to her colleague that made me vomit blood 3 pails full of blood before
He: Hello this is VVV here limo counter
Me: Duh of course I know it's limo DENG! But never said out Yea Room ZZZZ COD
He: COD going to where
Me: Blurred out by him and I repeated
He: Yes COD going to where
Me: Now I'm informing COD! Damn bo song already
He: Ya but where the guest wanna go
Me: with damn tulan tone I am now informing COD .. which means CASH ON DELIVERY!! *slam down the phone*

Previously ...

Me: Room QQQ have 3 limo charges ... bill DDD HHH and III where did she go and how long did she take
He: Ohh where did the guest go
Me: That's why I'm asking you now larrr ... if I know I dont have to ask you wattt *tulan*
He: I have to go downstairs to check la
Me: Then go la guest is waiting I want it TONIGHT
He: Tomorrow can ar
Me: NO! *gave bill no again*
He: Oh but why the bill number only 3 not 5 numbers
Me: This was posted by u all not uss laaa *kannasai*
He: ok ok I call you later

His colleague came in

He: Just now you asked for this bill rite
Me: Why only one, I asked for THREEE *then I gotta talk to the guest stoopid fool*
*came in again later*
Gst: *after explaining* but then I only utilized for 7 hours instead of 9 hours I came back to the hotel in between for 2 hours
He: But organizer already agreed with the prize
Me: Do you want to talk to her yourself
He" *being a coward* its the same even if I talk
Me were thinking WRONG! It's worse not same okay
Me: *give tulan face* then tell me what should I do now ... guest DONT agree
He: Or you call my supervisor la
Me: Give me the number
Me explained to his supervisor and you know what it's a dialy hire damn simple yet he cant explain to me

Me: Room ZZZ limo out tomorrow 6.05am
I repeated super duper many times
He: U chinese ar
Me: *ignored*
He: E class or S class
Me: E lar
He: How I know some want S class
Me: *before he can finish his sentence* EEEEEEE class

*he came in later*

He: U informed me just now ar ... er but u see the report .. it's at 9.05am
Me: *puking blood* thats the flight number wat!
He: oh ok ok
Me dare to ohh with me
Right after that I just dropped down and I almost longbia

ARGH! Can die I tell you ... they are just pain in the arse and working with one of them minus 10 years of life imagine how many they have there ... I'm gonna die young, pray for me people, everyday I encounter stress that can be avoided but they are just sooooo dumb ARGH I dont wanna die yet, yet they are making my life shorter and shorter and shorter. I just turned 24. It's not time for me to die yet. I still have so many things that I have yet to do, my journey has just started. I puke blood every single day coz of these people. Now I am so lack of blood, I need donation instead now. I become pale. HELPPPPPP!!! We all need help thereeeee ... GET A LIFE dei.

Mein Geburstag : Eins

A preview post of my birthday dinner ... I was given the decision to make and being the perfect Libran, I have difficulties making decision. The indecisiveness in me is so visible within me that one can tell right away. I was only given like only three options and it took me so long to decide and the choices were Chinese, Japanese or Thai. Being the pro-Thai that I am I finally decided to go for Thai food instead of the others.

Guess what? I was already on my AL before my birthday and I never tell anyone about me going back to the salon during this time. So, the day before this, the urge was so strong that I just decided to message my stylist if he is working and off I went t revent my hair. People say, it's globalization, it's americanization, it's evolution but I say it's hair revolution lolz yea I did my hair ... again and who knows Dede did appointment the day before to go to the salon on my birthday itself and we never know until we both met each other lolz Psychics kick in

The restaurant is called Celadon located at the top floor in Pavillion

Thai cuisine ... Thai hospitality

The layout of the restaurant ... the tables ..

The menu babeh

Settings per pax ...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HE ...

I sense that ... he will be entering the babi family ... soon

He .... irritates me

He ... annoys me

He ... pisses me off

He ... is bossy

He ... pretends he's smart when he isn't

He ... is a pirated angmo

He ... is not average looking and he failed my test big time

He ... does not have common sense

He ... doesn't have a brain

He ... is sibeh bo ueng

He ... is sibeh pai kua

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me no D-R-A-M-A babeh

I just realized something ... not me in fact, it was her to realize it. Why do I always look like the bad one, the evil one when things happen.

I don't create problems, I don't go being dramatic in front of people and pretend I'm the victim and things like that. It was the past, rather long time ago when it occured.

First, I know this J that told practically the whole world me and her were good friends, like really good friends, in similar with best friends, that we always hang out with each other. I wondered how she define as ALWAYS. Always to me seem like perhaps once per week to the least. It seems so surreal nevertheless. In a matter of fact, we hung out like TWICE. Yes you read that right, twice. Was that what she meant as always. See we happened to know the same people, and she told them I had changed dramatically, that I am not the person she used to know anymore, I changed and I changed after I left the country and I have forgotten her as a friend. People's perception will be ... why am I so bad, why do I forget a friend just because I left for studies and after knowing new people, I tend to forget my own roots. Fact is I didn't. Today I can say she's the one who changed who once used to be the innocent and obedient one, now ... became someone I have not known, who grown become so rebellious and wild. Nobody knows we knew each other .. until she opend her mouth but I wouldn't do the same thing as she does because that doesn't make me different from her at all. The perception? I were to blame for the downfall though we were never even consider as close.

Another incident happened ... also kinda long ago, that people thought our friendship could prolong and stay on and could only become stronger without any doubt for eternity. Fact was we were close at one point and it just failed somehow after a certain time. We used to hang out a lot, and we were apart in distance and something somewhere just happened. A common friend asked in regards of this ... and the answser .. we were not hanging out together anymore, we were not talking to each other, but do not know why because I was the one who not wanting to talk and go out with her apparently. I was not shocked, I expected. Again, being the dramatic one, do all the dramas ... act in front of people, and I shall be the bad and evil one once again. The truth beholds, it's out there and it's only known for me and her. She may say so many untrue things, making it as if I am THAT bad, but do you know what? I am certainly not bothered even though you tell the whole wide universe I am THAT bad and again pretending innocent in front of them.

I know I am not dramatic, I am just me, without you, without anyone, I am just me, the one you know. I am just as straight forward as you think I am, and it's critically straight forward. At times, I didn't mean it to make it obvious when unpleasant things happen, like there's this uninvited feelings about people, and if I develop this feelings, I can't help it but to show it. At least I am true, I am not fake OKAY. If I am against you, I just am, I don't have to say I am ... it will all be well written on my face. In a matter of fact, if anybody wonders, most of the time, this facial expression just happen, I didn't intend to show it and I don't realize. I am not good at hiding. It's rather obvious I will say. Someone who know me for close to 5 years now told me I never changed in that part. I may change in my outlook, my anything but when it comes to this issue, I remain the same, remain unchanged. Hence, of people saying I am the bad one, well ... it's up to those to decide to believe or not to. Decision is yours, I don't go up there trying to please you and try to prove it wrong. I don't bother and I don't give a dang about this, I got a much better life than to please people. If you have the brains, if you have that attitude, you will find out for yourself whether it's true or it isn't about something as in generally speaking.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Penang Trip : Six

The moody comes back. Throwing tantrums throwing anger towards the others. Not me, not whoever but someone. It's bad that he's back. The moody one that I once knew. Torture if the partner is the said one. That is why the tiredness is doubled. Endurance is bliss though ... perhaps or perhaps not.

This is the closing of my Penang trip that lasted for a mere 24 hours lolz ... as I reached on Sunday about 4pm and left Penang on the next day roughly about that time too.

Yum yum yum ....

We also ate ou wa ... oyster :P

It's the finishing picture ... i darn like his shirt but he refuse to give it to me ... sigh damn sedihfying la Ah Boi you >.<

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Story of Sui and Ou

This incident actually happened quite some time ago.

Let's call this Sui, and another one Ou. Sui and Ou has been the best of friends, they work together, they hang out together and everything they did was together. One day Ou told the whole world that Sui stole or rather snatched her beloved, which obviously wasn't true but she made it darn true nevertheless. Ou has the cheeks to even call up Nang and cry over the phone to make it even more of a reality. Things started to change, all the bitching and backstabbing started place and the war has just begun. Today, they are the best of friends again, with just a word ... gomen. It's that simple.

Question now is ... is friendship that simple after all? Or are they that lonely without each other, as others do not wanna bother about them, or simply because they are that pathetic. Somebody popped up this question to me ... and said ... why not give Ou a chance because I was saying if I were Sui, I would not even think about it. What is done is done and certain things there is no turning back. Ou did once, she can do another time, three times and so forth. If Ou is really sincere as a friend, she will not even start all these nonsense. As I was saying, perhaps I may accept other things but when it comes to bitching and backstabbing while in front she pretended as if nothing had ever happened, even she kneels down in front of me begging like I'm the God, no such thing will take place. Even if she has some disease .. some chronic disease ... sorry there is no nothing between us anymore and whatever happens just happens and I could not be bothered about her. Even her life will just be a month's long, she can depend on others. If even I can help her in some ways, I would not, definitely not. This is called betrayal and misuse the trust and sincerity is something I cannot tolerate. Once the bitching word occurs, my heart will turn numb and cold, and immune to whatever happens. I have absolutely no sympathy for people like this. I don't live my life being used. Once is more than enough and if that person wanna be friends, I will just say "who are you, my life is absofantabulous WITHOUT you" so back off mate. HAHA. If she ever wish to bring me down, dream a million years and that will not even happen. Don't play with trust buddy.

Life is full of entertainment, and it's amusing with species like Ou. It's indeed a beautiful life.

Penang Trip : Five

It's what I always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

After spending some time in Bed, we then headed home and it's really time for bed, Ah Boi sent us back to Good Hope Inn. HAHA. I know it doesn't sound very good or perhaps it does sound a little dodgy but then it isn't okay! It's recommended for budgeted people like me. It's less than 100 bucks per night per room and it's absolutely clean. There's also Wifi!

The next morning, not knowing what time will I wake up, I woke up at 10 plus and gave Ah Boi a call ... to bring me out hehe.

Chee Cheong Fun and this is a million dollar food okay! I was practically caught in my own world eating this ... *slurp*

Then we headed somewhere for Asam Laksa ... and oh my gawd ... dammit .. why are there such good food in Penang!

Char Kueh Teow! OMG ... food can kill me .. and I'm superbly hungry now .... boo!

We were already quite full then .. so I took his picture since that I wouldn't have many opportunities to do that in the future considering the fact that he was gonna leave Msia for God knows how long.

After walking around a little while ... I wanted Ais Kacang ... YUMS! Salivating.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The change

I was out with a few of my ex-classmates today. Some I have not seen for ages, ever since we graduated, so that makes it 7 years! My gawd! So much changes, and just too much changes to believe. One still the same old person, never change, one slimmed down a lot, well I do see her still once in awhile now haha. My gawd ... so many are already married now o.O hello ... do you know that you guys are only 24 this year :S Sorry I just couldn't stand it haha.

One had dramatically changed though, for the worse sadly. She was not there though and I don't think she will ever turn up to any of the sessions. She used to be really close to this ex-classie, called YL and both of them were like the best of friends and their friendship has been so close like infinity. Everyone thought that it will last a lifetime, and this girl thought so too. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when a guy appear in between them. People must have thought that they like the same guy. Nope, but still it's a triangle. Everything is because of a god damn guy. Yea you people ... fight because of a guy, yea fight more. Just because of one bloody guy you people had your 5 years of deep friendship destroyed. Is friendship perishable just like this? The changed girl, PE, had really changed. She used to be really obedient in school, never fight back, go to school and back, and never causes any trouble to teachers whatsoever. Today, she's mixing with those people you wouldn't want to mix with, with the influence of drugs, she became a really heavy smoker, been dating kids just because the guy didn't like her. Is it worth it. YL in the other hand, until today, has been trying to get her back on the right path, bring her back to the right, to where she was. Honestly speaking, YL is doing too much, way too much. It's heartbreaking to see a dear friend changes til this extent, but nobody can get her back to the right path, not even the parents if she chooses this road.

I believe you decide your own life, not others, not your friends, not your teachers and not your parents. It's YOU. Your life is in your hands, you are in control of your life. Things might happen unexpectedly, but you make sure you are going into the right direction. Yes, you wanna see the world, you wanna try things ... but there is a limit to everything. You wouldn't need to try drugs to know that it's bad, is it? The company plays a role ... but again, you decide on things. Nobody can force things into you if you do not want. They can influence ... they can try their best into you ... but ... things will not materialize if you have strong beliefs. Have faith in oneself, think and reflect.

IMHO, if I were YL, I will just ignore, I try, and I try, if she doesn't bother I don't think I wil bother to wake her up either. What's the point of doing this if they themselves want to be like this. We have no say in their life, and if they are happy being like this, I will say ... have a good life. I might be cruel, but then again, do I care? You lost my respect, I have got no respect for you, people like you that I once had respect for. Furthermore, you changed because of one guy, you lost the respect deeper into the hole, altogether. I dare to say, I look down on people like this, sorry to say.

Frankly speaking, I was not totally shocked with the changes. Even when I looked at her way and style previously, she just gave me this weird feeling that she lovessss the attention from guys so I am not really shocked with this. That feeling was just different from the others. Sigh me and my instincts ... wey

Monday, October 6, 2008

Penang Trip : Four

As it started raining heavily after our rojak, Ah Boi decided to show us around Penang ... of all places, KDU Penang haha ... since that I was also from KDU previously, but from the PJ branch haha. We then headed to somewhere ... to hang out and it so happened to be Bed. Guess what? We have Bed in KL too!! But ... not like I have ever been there before, it sounds kinda sad but anyways it doesn't really matter, does it. Apparently, it's like the top cafe for youngsters to hang out and chill but it doesnt look like the most happening. Probably it was Sunday?

He was drinking some fruit punch

I was drinking nothing but vanilla milkshake ... shocking heh ... but yea ... no alcoholic for me haha, I decided to be good that day, no alcohol ...

The most shocking of all, this zha bo here up with the alcoholic drink instead and regretted big time as it tasted exactly like cough medicine lolz as I told her, order more HAHA

Friday, October 3, 2008

Penang Trip : Three

Out of a sudden rush, I feel the urge to get back into dancing. Like no, I am not kidding, I am thinking of it seriously. Probably it's sorta impossible due to the nature of this industry, yet I am gonna try. Try and try, zuzu zutai

The only thing I can say about this is ... LOL

We headed for food ...

Char something ... darn nice :D

This is jelly with ice lolz ... simple yet refreshing

I definitely know this ... kueh kak ... hehe

I can bang my head if I don't know this ... for sure it's rojak

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Penang Trip : Two

Feeling so goyang-fied ... headache and I could not walk in a straight line. People's normal reaction will be ... you are drunk. The fact is I am far from that, even if I'm drunk I can walk in a more straight line than this. Then, why? Yesterday was hit with a slight fever, felt dizzy groggy and giddy and just felt like fainting anytime. The last proper meal I had was ... I cant even remember when. All was just few bites and all. Yesterday morning was the most I ate I presume and the next meal was this afternoon, also a few bites only but I had a more proper one during dinner as it was PORK. It isn't because of anything but my appetite just wasn't there. But I told myself, I can't afford to take MC, I just could not. I need to fight all the way. MUST! Ganbate kudasai. Zuzu Zutai, mai chan tai kon su.

We could actually walk at a more stable place where they had done properly for peope to walk on but this guy just gotta bring us to unstable condition like this

A decent pic, and we seldom take decent pics together coz usually it ends up like .... refer below picture

that ... sigh sedih ... no respect for older people ...

Instead of Siao Zha Bo ... she can be called as Piggy too lolz

This is called Siao Lang ...