Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A changed path

Last week, I met a guy whom is wow .. impressive. He's quite a public figure. I saw his face in The Edge on that same day.

He asked if this is my first job, obviously not. How can it be my first job at this age. Haha, nevermind, I don't blame him. Age is something we cannot guess just by looking at that person. I totally understood. He then came to know what my first job was and he went like .. "WHY?"

Honestly speaking, I don't know. "Don't misunderstand, I am not discouraging you but from a hotel to here, is really a massive change. Being here, you can't really develop your full potential. I know how a hotel is, I was managing a couple of hotels in Asia. It will be a waste you know."

Well, let's now see how it goes. I was looking for a change. But, is this the change I have been looking for? I do not know yet. However different it is, this is something really very new to me. Let's take this as a challenge to a whole new beginning, to a whole new life phrase that I have never thought of going, a path that I have never ever thought of before.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The stubborn character

Recently, I have watched this drama on telly and it's a newly released drama. A character caught my attention.

The character is really a strong one, with attitude! She seldom talks, seldom smile, and there's always like anger within her, she's stubborn to the core. Well, it goes to a point that even though she's in pain, she's in torment, she is still as stubborn as ever. She actually just had to say it's her mistake and she's sorry. She never did that. She rather be in pain, rather than to bow down. She rather be in hurt, than to bring down her pride. No matter what happens, she stood there.

It reminds me of someone. The someone that has been as stubborn as ever. Throughout the years, this person was so stubborn and as the person grew older, it never seem to tone down. After graduation, the stubbornness became more aggressive. People could only feel the coldness within. It was all about hatred and bitterness.

Now, after the life drama ended, this person can finally tone down the stubbornness. Deep inside, at least, there's a light. Today, people would not have thought this person was as stubborn as then. It's a total changed person now. This person might still be stubborn, and sometimes could still be very stubborn, but there's no more hatred within. However, to trust somebody is definitely still an issue until today. Back then, this person doubts every single individual that approach, they might have some evil intentions, some motive.

Today, this person can walk down, with a smile. Sometimes, the coldness is still there but after awhile, you can feel the warmth inside. It was skeptical if you were 10 years back, that this day will never ever come. Some of those behaviour might come back once in awhile, but this person has opened up more than ever before.

This person was like the character, never bowed down. Never bring down the pride, and dignity, which means the most important thing in the life. Though there were flaws, all around, but it is made to believe that pride, and dignity has more values than life itself.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Farewell 2 Part 3

Never say goodbye, becos goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting. -Peter Pan

It was the same night when we went to a club together, as colleagues. It was a very moving sight and means a lot to all of us. We never wanted to parted ways. It was a life changing process. The emotional rollercoaster we went through was more than anything else. It was practically up down, up down, up down the whole night. I know we are both sad for leaving, for we gotta move on. We saw how sad were they too, but what else can we do. The moment of fun we had together for 2.5 years has been rewarding. The emotional constraints we shared together was even much more than that. It's how close were we. Everything was like a family to us, except the blood part. We love each other to bits and we vow-ed to meet up every now and then, and never let distance seperate us. We do not want silly reasons like that to part us and that we no longer can be close because we aren't colleagues anymore. There was an agreement, a walk down memory lane where we agreed to at least have a Half Boiled Egg together once a month at Old Town, as a reminder of how we started off.

There's no evil around our friendships. This is what true friendships are. It is all about what's within your heart without evil intentions

And the three of us, where we establish a memory ... the memory we will remember forever

The friendship ring. It's a three way street thingy. There's no such thing as who wins or who losses. It's about you, her, me goes round. It continues. It carries on despite differences, despite distances, in the name of friendship, we carry on. None of us wanted to say goodbye. It was never an option to say goodbye. We don't say goodbyes. It is see you again, my friends. We will be here, again and again to see you. Saranghae! We were just leaving the place, not the people. We will keep them, each and every one of them close to our heart. Thank You for those times, we appreciate, treasure and cherish them. Each of them are special enough and deserving enough for us to keep them. Bogo shipul!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I will not bow

Time flies. This month, May, has been a year since that scheisse stuff happened. And I am not regretting a single thing, and I am not looking back to say "ah I wish we could be better". Instead, I shall say "I regretted all these did not happen earlier."

Sometimes, I felt, we should not have met. I know you're just someone I met long ago. People had been saying good things about you, like really good things, not to the extreme, but compared to what I thought about you, it's extremely good. Haha. Well, you might say, you're matured, being the hero, and whatever shit you are good at, but all these are just plain rubbish. I used to believe until bad things decided to turn against me. How good are you is for the individual to see for themselves. Well, what can I expect from a shallow guy? Right? Absolutely nothing.

You might be good to people because of some stuff, but definitely not me. I knew that from the very beginning, right from the beginning, but again, people always say, give the benefit of the doubt to people, every human beings deserve a chance to prove themselves. Well, you just proved I'm right from the beginning, didn't you? You know what? It gave me a sense of relief in a matter of fact, saying that you're such a jerk like how I thought of you. I was not being distrusting of you, but trust is a very very vital word. I was right anyway, I should not have trusted you. Ah Thank God, I have never really trusted you to begin with.

After all, I have seen you bitching a lot about others whom you called friends in front. That shows how you treat friends. I feel a sense of satisfaction to know my instincts and my gut feelings were right, really right. You can do it to one person, you can do it to anyone else in the world, and it could be me :)

Anyways, I shall celebrate the one year anniversary we finally ended. Honestly, I am relief and happy. Time really does fly. Goodbye. Thank You for thinking I am a hazard to your life, because I am indeed one. HAHA. I will not bow down to you and say I'm sorry. I will not bow down to you to allow you to say anything and do anything to me. You think? Please pray as hard as you can because that will not happen. Instead, I will go rebel against you, all the way, until I die, I will not bow down. Long live me! XD