Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The trip to Gunung Nuang

I got home yesterday, dirty, wet, hungry, tired, and pain. Haha wth?

Again, I did not go up to the peak. Not because of anything but I enjoy the waterfall more than going up to the peak haha. It took us 3 hours to go up to the camp site. The weather was hot when we were going up. We did not go to the usual camp site, but this time is a different one. We still manage to be beside the waterfall however.

It took us 2 hours to go down, one hour difference is quite a lot. I guess, if it wasn't because of the rain, we will take longer haha. In the end of it, we were running hahaha ... just because everywhere is wet and there is no more dry spot for me to walk on, wth? So, running will be the best way.

Now, I am kinda paralysed at my lower part of my body but it is alll goood .. I'm satisfied. :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short trips

Halo again. I am back from PD just for a night.

After a tiring trip due to the lunatic weather, I am now getting ready to sleep for that few hours before going off to Gunung Nuang for hiking. Totally insane okay.

It's not so much about how tired the journey is, the food, the whatever, but the most disastrous of all is the packing really. I need to learn the skill of stuffing everything into one small bag or else I will suffer when I hike up.

So yeah, I will be back on Monday haha.

Bon voyage. Let's sleep. Good night.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skin Products >30 bucks = make over voucher at 10 bucks

The date is so near now. So so near that it's so scary. For other people, it might be their best days of their lives. For me, is the total opposite because I don't like doing all these things. But ... sigh. Pedicure, manicure is fine. A visit to Vincent for a hairdo is awesome. But, not a ... make over. o.O Even a photoshoot I can totally accept it, but ...... makeover, omg! It's scary okay, scary dot com.

I mean it's not scary freaky like gonna get kidnapped. But, scary and scary. Haha. I don't even know what am I typing.

These were the products which is now standing on the table from Guardian. You know what? If you buy any skin products worth of 30 bucks in a single receipt, becareful, because they will start to psycho you, or your mom in my case. If you like it, it's fine. I am only interested in the goodie bag, and not the make over.

The date is 3th to 4th of April, and it's getting depressing because ... the dates are so near now. Omg!
"Do you want to purchase this voucher, whereby if you purchase skin products for more than 30 ringgit, you can get this at 10 ringgit"
"You get the goodie bag as well, and the goodie bag alone is more than 10 ringgit already"
"It's really worth it, because goodie bag alone is more than the value of this voucher."
"And there is a free photo for you, they will take a nice photo"

TALK LAR some more. Happy lar you. Babi. If it was me you are talking with, no matter how much you talk, I will not be cheated by you, lor. But, sigh. Plus, do you have to repeat yourself so many times, afraid that I am deaf? Real non-halal.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

People are IN-TE-RES-TING

People these days are farney. They are very interesting creatures indeed. Though this is a once upon a time story, but I still find it very amusing until today.

This guy's name is Brown. That girl's name is Yellow. They got along pretty alright, and she respected him and looked up to him. Though there are things she didn't agree with, but nothing happened. Among them, there were so many mutual friends that they know, that includes, Pink, White, Black, Purple, Orange and whatever colours there are, is among them. Initially, it was one very healthy bond, until at some point, there were some misunderstanding and miscommunication between some parties and Yellow. As a middle person, he got himself involved and he chose who to side, though he has not even asked both stories. He never asked Yellow. Yellow kept quiet and not wanting to say anything. Furthermore, she isn't like other girls around him. I will say, she's just different, and there's a saying goes, either you will love her, or hate her. She doesn't bother what the other party say or bitch as well and just could not be bothered with all these petty stuff that is not worth any single second of people's time.
One day, Yellow found out what Brown told Purple. She was of course disappointed by that thought, by that question that the fact he did not trust her in that case. But, she put that aside not wanting to create any chaos. Ever since they knew each other, Brown kept on disappointing Yellow but she understood why. She did not take any acting class. That's the whole point. As days go by, Yellow thinks Brown are just so shallow, and until today, she sitll thinks so. It's kinda sad but yeah. Brown completely stopped talking to Yellow and Yellow is confused, really confused. She knows that Brown is being childish like hell, so she does not bother. Of course she is not gonna be bothered with this pathetic person as well. Even though he hates her, but she does not mind continue giving him the access to everything.

So ... Brown has been telling Purple every bad stuff about Yellow. Yellow doesn't care in the first place and does not understand, what is he so bothered about. Perhaps, he wants Purple to be on his side, rather than Yellow. He has been sabotaging Yellow, bitched about her and wanna make sure people don't go to Yellow.

Well, sometimes, I seriously do not know what people want and why do they wanna do that. What is the whole point of sabotaging other people. Don't you think you are so damn freaking fake. When you are close to that person, you say all good stuff and when things turned ugly, you start bitching like you have never ever bitched before and as if like the world is gonna end. You say that other person is a hypocrite. Have you ever wondered how real are you then. You have said people are so childish, but have you ever looked yourself in the mirror to think, before you pintpoint at the other person. You said that the other person is bad, mean, and cold and not suitable to be a friend. But, have you ever wondered, are you a good friend then. If you are a good friend, you will not be bitching and boycotting the other person for no apparent reason, well, because your other friends don't agree with her way. You, as a friend, do not even find out by yourself. You choose people you wanna be close with. You never gave chances to people. You never put the effort to understand people. And, who the hell are you to judge other people's daughter. You listen to one side of the story and put your judgement there. If you are a good friend, why do you wanna care about their misunderstanding. You will continue being friends with them, without any feeling of bitterness and hatred. But, you proved it well enough to tell people you are such an asshole. You contradict yourself too much that people used to respect you eventually looked down on you worse than a loser. People never bitched about your loved ones, your friends though she might not like them. She has not mentioned anything about them. So why do you have to treat people like that. She is not an Angel and she has flaws in her. She has never complained anything about you, but you in turn wanna be such a jerk. You have said it's karma, but have you ever wondered if you are talking more about yourself. She might not be loveable, but have you ever thought that that's what she is and not being pretentious. You have only thought about your own feelings, your close friends feelings, but you neglected her feelings, even as a friend. She knew a lot of things, but she chose to pretend she does not know. In a matter of fact, you are even more selfish than any strangers that I met. Furthermore, she never said anything good about herself, she never gave the impression she is good as well. So many years you know her, what do you know about her. Absolutely nothing and you do not wanna allow her to know you too. She might be a little straight forward, and you don't like it. Just because she can take care of herself, does not mean that you can neglect her feelings. Just because she is independent, it does not mean you can side the other party. Now I wonder, how matured are you as like how you claim to be. Boycotting people just because you wanna protect your other friends. She never intended to hurt your friends in the first place. She does not even intend to cross path with them ever again. She does not wanna do anything with them. But, why are you so worried she will, like she has an evil heart and all. Now to think back, I know why all of you are good friends, just because you guys are from the same place and you guys act the same with the uber shallowness, right right? There's kudos for you - YOU GUYS ARE KEWL!!!! ROCK ON YO IN THAT WONDERLAND OF URS!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Footwears

Hehe. I got new pairs of footwear now.

From Vincci. A bit troublesome at the back as it's a zip there. If you do not mind the zip, then it's all good and it's comfy. The first Vincci footwear that I have no complaints on. Usually, I have countless complaints after purchasing it as it's different once I buy it home because after wearing my working shoes for 2.5 years now, my toes are officially retarded.

This is the mani and pedi that I did in Ikarno. Colour topped up. It's really dark green. Next time, I will do it blue. Haha. Oh and the footwear bought it from Metrojaya, 1U and it's called NYC. Similar but with heels.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Mama @ Solaris

A week ago, I had lunch in this Korean restaurant in Solaris. Being the very ulu, I have not been to Solaris before. So, mmm .... haha.

They were having some sort of promotion then, like certain dishes it's 10 bucks, instead of the normal price. On top of that, of course we still get the assorted side dishes.

This is the assorted dishes .... we managed to finish it ... voila haha

I prefer the square shape plates, rather than round ... ahaha ... XD

Their fried rice ... not bad

Kimchi Soup ...... slurp.

It might not be a lot, but .. the time you finish it, the assorted dishes, you will be so satisfied, plus the Korean songs at the background ... oh la la. haha.

No. 7 Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Solaris Mont Kiara
W. P. Kuala Lumpur , MY
603- 6203 7108

Open Daily from 12pm - 9pm

Monday, March 15, 2010

My lappie's sound system gone bonkers

Few days back I was trying my mic. Haha. No, I did not sing. No, I did not talk. I did not do any of those. In fact, I on my MP3 and put it near to the mic. After a few attempts, and a few more, it is not working and it is not only the mic is not working, the speaker shut off as well, as in the whole sound system. I could not hear anything anymore from this baby, I could not listen to music, I could not watch my dramas, I could not even hear the sound of MSN. Nothing like that anymore and I feel so uneasy.

I got help from my beloved Father, called Dora. So, we met up in Starbucks. It's actually the day we celebrated Zoe and Hello Kylie's belated birthday meal. Hello Kylie has too many birthdays that I think up til now, she is already 28. Right, so he switched the laptop on. Guess what? The moment he switched it on, it was all working very well and he does not have to do anything. o.O Wei, it's really not my fault, I did not con him, and I did not intend to con him. Really, please believe me. Like I have nothing better to do than conning him.

I think my laptop must be female. All along I thought was male. Or perhaps, my laptop likes the same gender, it's not surprising. Haha. Damn you laptop, I know you love attention, but do you have to treat me like that. Damn you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Matta Fair 12-14 March 2010

The long awaited MATTA Fair is back!!

12 - 14 March 2010
Venue: PWTC

Make sure be there to grab the offers, opportunities, to ... have a breakaway. It wasn't an event I could attend before due to work commitments that LEAVES are always not guaranteed previously, and now ... voila, just hope they have the dates I want.

Thank You.

I am coming! =p

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An encounter with a fake monk

Remember when you were young and innocent, your parents used to tell you this. "Do not take anything from strangers. Do not listen to strangers. Do not follow and believe anyone other than us., even if they give you sweets" It is not only parents, but aunties, uncles, grandparents, relatives tell the same thing, but of course it is mostly told by parents. Yet, there are so many who fell for scams, because their parents no longer tell them these after they grow up? haha.

I was in the beloved lorry yesterday in Taman Megah, waiting for my mom as she had gone somewhere. I was there for quite sometime. As my whole body was practically facing the driver's side and not to mention my eyes were only looking at that direction, I did not take notice of anything on the left, which was my side. The moment I turned to the left, a monk was standing there and he frightened me, freaked me out, BIG TIME! He scared the shit outta me okay. My heart is not strong, in fact it's only very weak to get shock like this.

I ignored his presence. By looking at him, you just know he's not real, instead just some conman. A real genuine monk usually at least looks decent. But, he looks so dirty and is planning to con me. Does he think I am a 2 year old kid that he could con me. My dad always condemn them, so what do ya think haha. I dislike them a lottt. A real monk will not be lurking on the streets at that hour, and looking so absurd. They will be in a temple, praying. The orange custome was hanging over his shoulder, he was topless and just a shorts holding some stuff, those chinese stuff at his hand. After I ignored him, he was still standing there, hoping for me to open the door? Oh hello but I do not have that kinda of heart to open for STRANGERS ok. My parents always tell me don't open for strangers ok :D :D haha. I do not wanna be frightened by him anymore, and still looking away, I gave him a body language, I was not interested. Then, he left.

There are too many fake people, hypocrites, and con people around. Insane so-called monk. He is out of the many who tarnished the monk's image. Sigh. I feel so sad for all the real monks out there, you guys rock! :D

Jang Geun Seuk, the lead actor?

Woahhhhh .... *fainted*

Jang Geun Seok is taking the lead in an upcoming Korean movie called You're My Pet, a remake of Japanese drama Kimi wa petto.

However, this is not final yet as only one news outlet is reporting this. If really he is taking the lead, I will SO GONNA watch this okay, all because of him. hehe.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia Finale

It was Asia's Biggest Loser Finale yesterday. The winner is finally announced. The host for this whole competition is none other than our well-known local Sarimah.

This can be even more interesting than American Idol. Seeing the contestants the battle to lose weight, going through emotional constraints along the way, and the result is all worthwhile.

It is divided into two teams, one is red, and the other is blue. Of course, they are guided by two personal trainers who kept on motivating the contestants to cut that fat. The contestants stayed in a villa, exercising all day long. The ones that got eliminated in the early rounds came back on stage and by looking at them, they really lost so much weight I find it so so impressive, and just by looking at the before and after, gave me a shock really. It's such a dramatic change, and see the improvement is I think really incredible. So when there are only left with the Final 4 ... all of them gotta pack their bags to go back to their real life where the real challenge is because temptation is practically everywhere. I am exceptionally impressed with Simon, Garry to name a few who got eliminated in the early rounds. Omg. Just omg.

Take a look.

Some of them lost so much weight you could not recognize them anymore. And I must say, they look GREAT. Talking about transformation.

Well, the last 4.

As expected Martha did not win because she was indulging herself with all the nice delicious food once she walked out from the villa. However, credits to her she put some effort. Also, one can't deny she looks so much better, like way better in comparison when she just joined the competition, and of course she is the only female there. :D *applause*

Aaron, our homegrown contestant. He shed off quite a bit of weight too but ... it's not enough. Bravo nevertheless!

Carlo. Personally, I think he deserves to win so much more. He put so much effort, he was battling all the way, and when you look at him yesterday, he looked like a different guy, a real transformation that you see. Most important he looks so healthy, so fit and you see him as a deserving winner. Well, though he did not win, he is already a winner himself. He was so energetic all the time.

David. He is the winner. But, look at him, I don't see the winner in him. Yes, he shed so much weight, he lost so much weight but ... it's not about losing weight. He looks like he went fasting and starve himself. Honestly, he looks so haggard and so unfit that he could fall anytime.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pre-CNY dinner @ Lemon Garden, Shangri-La

It was on the 12th of February when Dede had a reunion dinner with all-time good friends back from schooling days. Initially, I was supposed to be on 12-8 shift. So if given that shift I am a bit not willing to go because it's already damn potong to join like in the middle. Last minute, it changed to 8am-4pm. Kewl. Dede said "you have met 3 of them already, this is the opportunity to meet the 4th one" o.O oh .... like that haha, ok.

The time fixed was 7pm or 7.30pm not too sure. However, we were there like super early, like really very early as the distance from our hotel to Shang is so nearby. We were at the lobby er .. more than an hour sitting there like some spy, or er hotel terms or maybe others too ... haha mystery shopper. Then, we went to the WC and woah, damn nice lah the toilet. Okay, I know it sounds so jakun-ish really because I have not been using 5 star hotel toilet for quite some time now despite me working in a hotel LOL (was).

We spent so long there, do not know what were we doing, and tons of hotel guests walked in and out, and they must have thought we were so damn freaking weird. Later on, we saw Arvind, and there we went, and he said we were like D'Richie. haha. Busy-nya. But I felt they are more proactive in comparable to us in some aspects. :P Then, we did bitch a bit also on some top army, normal lar right what do you expect

Yay! We are in Lemon Garden already. Let's start.
The complete picture where everyone is there. Togetherness mean more than anything. The reunion, the time of being together, the family feeling. This is the only time where everyone could get together to have a decent dinner, together. The feel is really there.

After dinner, we went out to continue the pictures. But, Rachel has left.

If only it's not blur

Haha just more pictures

The next morning, both of us work morning together. Our eyes went =.= like practically -_- haha damn sleepy can die okay.

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's!

Pictures credit to Dede, Yee Wan, Rachel, Shermaine.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Outlook for Rat in 2010

This horoscope Chinese forecast in 2010 for this Chinese rat zodiac sign indicates a good time for the rat to start a new business. Rats may be prone to accidents and to prevent bad luck for those with the horoscope rat in 2010 is to stay away from burial grounds [okay noted]. The Year of the Rat Chinese horoscope states that rat will likely be successful in an environment that requires traveling and your work progress will be even better should you be allowed to travel further [yea hotel does not require me to travel, just stay put, thats why I resigned lolz]. As for your wealth, people with the Chinese zodiac rat sign will see a stable income and there will be more money for you in your out-of-town work [okay I will start praying from today yea haha].

How will the relations factor work out for the rat in 2010 metal tiger year? The Chinese astrology in Year of the Tiger for rat in 2010 will see the rat having excellent inter-people relations in this metal tiger year. Marriage bells could be heard in the near future. The rat may marry someone from overseas [korean? HAHA damn :P ]. For married rats in 2010, this Chinese horoscope rat animal can look forward to an unforgettable honeymoon vacation. The Chinese horoscope rat 2010 indicates an accident prone year for the rats [tell me about it]. Rats have to be careful when handling sharp objects and extreme care have to be taken while driving on the road [well on the road? Bingo, it happened already dang].

If you have 1984 as your Year of the Rat, starting a partnership in business will spell trouble and relations with others may not be too good too [okay cafe put on hold please].
Since tiger year 2010 will be very hectic for them, rat may feel a bit tired. Rats may not be comfortable with the fast-paced life in 2010. They are advised to seize this opportunity and take adventures in this metal tiger year in 2010. This rat zodiac Chinese astrology horoscope sign states that the rats should visit their dream destination and all these travel will work out well for them [korea? haha all is in my mind is only korea now haha]. Since the Year of the Tiger 2010 begins in February 2010, there will be interesting job offers in February 2010 and March 2010 for those with the rat zodiac sign [so far none]. Happy times can be seen in June 2010 to August 2010, and also in December 2010 [that's quite some time from now, must i wait til then to be happy, damn you].

How will single rats perform in 2010 tiger year? What are the love outlook under the 2010 Chinese astrology predictions for rat? They will find love in September 2010 and October 2010 [you say so yea my hawt guy will appear LOL if not I sue you :P].
Libran rat is considered to be doubly friendly and is known to love music and theaters. Libra rats born between 23 September to 22 October are very creative in all aspects [too creative I think because they can imagine things that won't even cross your mind, in other words, unrealistic LOL].

Overall CNY for 2010

It has been a week since CNY has officially ended. Celebration this year is equivalent to zero. The only thing I went for is the reunion dinner on the eve. Even that alone was a huge disappointment. Well, it's not like we can expect much for that pathetic place. However, we also cannot expect such low classified uberly terrible service. Haha. If they cannot deliver it, then don't take so many customers. If order has not been taken beforehand, special requests has not been made, then it's totally understood. But, what if it has been done weeks before. That is totally unreasonable, totally unacceptable which they can jump down to the Klang River and drink it and die there. I guess, if it's not because it's convenient, then this restaurant will not be chosen at all cost. I find it quite amusing though that people from PJ, from Bangsar, from other parts of KL actually know this ridiculous place for their dim sum. They are so-called well-known LOL. With this kind of quality, well-known I do not know, but I for sure know it's sucky. It's expensive, it's not tasty, it's yucky, it's sucky, and it's whatever. I did not like go there for one year or two years to experience, but I have gone there as long as I can remember. Tell me what's so nice about it. I do not understand until today. Food that night was horrible. Though I really lost all my energy at work before that, but ... I don't think I lost my taste bud. I was as weak as a dead rat, I was as pale as a vampire, my strength was as low as a flat battery.

Guess what? I have not seen any lion dance, even the one organized by the hotel! Why? Because coincidently I was off that day, that's the saddest ever part. The best thing I was really looking forward was the lion dance each year. I can sacrifice my beauty sleep and wake up at 6am to watch. That was once upon a time story though. At least, I watched it last year. This year, tadak, elek. I only remembered I was working all day long all night long.

No yee sang, no lion dance, requested shift got rejected. WoW. Even the yee sang I ate was from the packet, and I was practically yee sang-ing without the fish at the cafe, alone. Oh la la. Luckiy, and Thank God, I went with Dede and gang to Lemon Garden for a pre-CNY dinner, even though it's a self-made one ... from the buffet counter lolz but it's better than nothing, what else can I ask for.

Tiger year. Please be careful. Please be aware. For rats, please take good care of your health. haha. That's what I read :P I do not know how true hehe.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A guest stomped his foot and shouted

Just a week before I left ... a guest practically shouted at the few of us at the counter

I asked for his form of transportation, he happily answered me that it has been arranged. Since he said so, I did not ask further. It's logic. You stop there.

Few minutes after he left the counter and I was with another guest, he came stomping his foot away throughout the lobby to the counter I was. He made no excuse to that particular guest who was in front of me, and started shouting asking where is his cab. He is the one who told me it's arranged, now you come asking. I saw the message that is sent that his car is with the airport, not us. If you are willing to pay, then we are more willing to offer ours, but you're not.

So fine. He went to the Concierge and continue his anger there. He just left then. The guy at the counter outside came in to tell me the room number and asking for the folio. I asked him back, what does he want. He said the folio since that I charged. I told him, I never did, who said I did it. He said one of the bell, which I confidently know which of them did so. I told him not to ask anything from me because he said it's the Airport Limo that he was asking for, so I'm not gonna do any of those to kill myself like that. I refused. I did not know what happened then, perhaps they got him an outside one for sure.

Another bell came in to ask what happened to that guest. I told him, not like I know, he has just gone mad. He asked if I charged already, I told him of course not, I do not wanna die early. He then told me his colleague nicely told the limo counter that I charged. I said, I know because he's acting like he's so smart when he's actually not. Does he not have a mouth to ask. If he does not, then just shut up and do not even bother any guest I am attending, rather than assume on things like this. He's just an arschloch. Alright, I know we were once close, but heck, do I care. If he is such a retard, and just that he thought he knew the conversation between me and the guest, sorry, but ... I think that's a bit brainless of him to do that, or to even think about that. Well, people who think they are knowledgeable are the worst kind of creatures. Beat me!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kim Jong Kook - Don't Be Good To Me

A former Turbo member is back with his 6th album now. Bravo! In the video also features his old time "flame." Very touchy-feely song, melanchonic ... and definitely soothing, though it's kinda sad as well.

Roman Lyrics
jakku jalhae juji mayo deoneun jalhae juji mayo

charari chagaun ge ohiryeo naeul tende
anim mugwansim han ge ohiryeo naeul tende
otjarak kkeute mudeun meonjireul ttejuneun il
musimko useumyeonseo eokkaee gidaeneun il

geunyang beoreut il kkeoya jiwobogo bappeuge harul bonaebwado
nune jjikhin sajincheoreom tto saenggangnago saenggangna

jakku jalhae juji mayo deoneun jalhae juji mayo tto dasi
sarang ape mureup kkurko apahal jasin eomneyo
hoksi dareun mamiramyeon nawan dareun mamiramyeon nugunga
mureobomyeon sogaehaeyo geunyang aneun saram irago damdamhage

myeochil jeon naege haetdeon neujeun bam geu jeonhwaneun
mot badeun ge anira badeul su eobseosseoyo
hoksi sure chwihaeseo saenggak eobsi oeroun mame bogo sipda
malhalkka bwa achimimyeon da anin iri doelkka bwa

jakku jalhae juji mayo deoneun jalhae juji mayo tto dasi
sarang ape mureup kkurko apahal jasin eomneyo
sarang geu hanamaneuro sesang modeun geol gajyeotdeon geuttaero
geuriwodo doraganeun gireul chajeul su eobseoseo
hoksi gateun mam ilkka bwa nawa gateun mam il kkabwa
tto dasi gidaehago tto gidarijyo sarang apeseo na oneuldo babocheoreom

geudae ape tto seoseongijyo babocheoreom

English Translations
Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

It might be better to be cold to me
Or ignoring me might be better for me
Brushing off the dust on my collar
Carelessly laughing and leaning on my shoulder

I let it go, telling myself that its just a habit and busy my day
But I think about ti again and again as if I took a picture

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
If you have other thoughts than me, if you have different thoughts than me.
If somebody asks you who I am, nonchantly introduce me as just someone you know

The phone call a couple of days ago at night, that call...
it's not that I didn't wat to answer, but I couldnt
Just in case I tell you I miss you when I'm drunk
because in the morning, I'll regret it

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
Although I had the whole world because of love
Although i miss it, I'm unable to find the way

Just in case you have the same thoughts as me,
if you happen to have the same thoughts of me
I wait again and again.
I am a fool infront of love again.
I cling to you again, like a fool.

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

All's Well Ends Well

Today, or rather yesterday, was the night I got abandoned, or more like I felt like an abandoned child, without dinner, without food, all alone in the dark, at home, alone. Sounds so pathetic, and my heroine came to my rescue. Haha. Suddenly suddenly, when I was having dinner, SP called pulak, woa double. But anyways, I had dinner thank you.

Now I am known as super free, like really duper free, so those who need companian, I will be there. So Heroine was asking me when am I free for a movie. I told her I am always free these days, just a call will do I will be right there. So, we have decided to go for a particular movie after our dinner. We tried our luck in Cineleisure the queue was so long. However, that was not the main problem, the thing is the movie was not showing there.

Then, we tried our luck in GSC 1 Utama. I told her, why not call up to make a telephone reservation instead. We wanted to watch All's Well End's Well. Okay, more like I wanted to watch. The poster looked nice, so before it came out, I already intended to watch. Who knows, these bunch of people, namely Louise Khoo and gang were in town to promote this movie, so ... they were the last celebrities I met face to face before I resigned :( boo. It's okay, bai bai celebrities, I can't see you anymore. Haha. Damn.

This will go down to history, that this is the first time I told Heroine I wanted to watch a Chinese movie. In usual circumstances, she is the one dragging me to watch a Chinese movie. Well, I need a laugh badly, so Chinese movie will be the best option. I wanted to watch a movie from last year, and now only I got a chance to watch. Ahh~ I felt so nice. It's worth the watch, and though I got distracted by my own thoughts at some point of the movie, I enjoyed. However nice the movie was, some retarded people spoiled my mood at the beginning. They were kicking the chair so nicely, until I nicely told Heroine, why are these people being such an asshole, don't they have their brains, if not, just go and *censor* themselves instead of kicking other people's seats. They did not thereafter, maybe they heard, maybe not I don't care. They started making noise, and I just said shuddup. Again, I don't care if they heard it. I need some peace watching movie. Why people don't understand and learn some movie etiquette.

Ah before that, we did something, back to the past, back to our schooling days. Since we were in 1U, and all shops were already closed, we went to play some games. Haha damn, feels so good to be young again. The car racing game is a must, I have always enjoyed playing those. Reminscing of those times. Even though it was just for that half an hour, but ... at least there were times that I could feel young again.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Childhood Pictures 1

I took some pics of my childhood ... and here it goes haha. Sometimes, seeing pictures like this can really put a smile on someone's face. Just by seeing can make my day, well, the power of memories. Miss those times, where there is nothing called stress, nothing called worry, nothing called trouble. It was all merely sleeping, playing and eating.

I tell you, I was damn fat lor, cause.... because ... I was eating too much dessert I think haha. No, I think it was because the two beside me was thin, not that I was fat, right? right? haha

Afterall, I was not THAT fat okay, it was just my face was ROUND, but but ... this was older ... haha

haha see I was not fat already when I entered kindergarden XD and this is labelled as gila babi happy sial =.= lolz

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Christmas 2009 @ Back Office

This festival was a festival that has long expired. From then, it went on to a few more festivals, and now even CNY is over, I have not even blogged about .... Christmas. Haha. Every single year, we have a gift-exchange party within the department. With the fund that we have, we buy food from outside every single year, inviting people from other departments to join in, though, for us deep inside, reluctantly. For some, the best part is the food, we are talking about Front Office, everyone of us love food a lot. While for some, they are more eager for the gift-exchange part. For whichever it is, we were there to enjoy the season of sharing. Last year was a tad different. With the fund running low now, as more and more people are resigning, they decided to assign everyone with different task. I was only in charged of buying 5 bottles of carbonated drinks and Ribena. haha. Is it that obvious I like Ribenna a lot? Don't think so right. Of course, those talented cooks, will come with the food. They cannot be relying to get food with me, right? right? haha

Gift Exchange is when each of us will take a pick, we will know who are we buying for and that means we are the Angel for that person. However, the person we are buying for do not know who is buying for them, until the time they open the presents. This year, I got a guy. 3 years I celebrated this festival there, 2 years I got a guy.

This is the Christmas tree, together with the wishes and the presents and when all the presents were all put out, the eagerness of each and everyone there ... omg haha

The FOM as usual, went on leave. He's not there, so .. our RM came by, took pics, put his legs up on FOM's table to say, Merry Christmas! Haha. See the amount of food we have? That's only part of it.

Before the gift-exchange starts, let us view some of the wishes. The first one ... oh la la .. he's actually a Korean artist, and the request is not to have him, but a guy as hawt as him haha. Well, not surprising, that was mine. The one beside, another guy, also a Korean artist, both from the same group, haha .. also the wish is to have a hawt guy like that, well, from Dede. Haha. Pictures say a thousand words, because hawt guy is subjective. The one below mine is CK, that I forgot what she asked for. Next to it, is Fufu the Biatch, told you that pictures say it all, you don't have to read it, you know what he wanted. Again, all these are wishes, if you as an Angel could grant it, it will be better or else it's totally alright too

It's Mei Li's present ... and she was the Angel of AFOM. He got CK perfume that he wanted

Ah Dong got what she wanted too, it's some make up set that is not cheap, haha ... given by Gong Kia. He bought also because he said the sales girl was cute =.= again and again because of some cute sales girl haha. Then, see what he got for. It's some Tamiya Bike and Spicy Flavour Mama Mee and not to mention sugar from Starbucks. Know why? He wants a hawt suga mama and a bike. LOL. hehe. Then it's my turn where I got a hawt bear instead but no worries, I am happy, ah .. also, I got a watch. I knew it from the beginning she is my Angel. Then, even Pui Te got the bag she wanted from Cheryl. Whilst all the hoo-ha, my son was still working there ... omg!

At the mean time, some camwhore session before we left half way haha

Last year, well, I can say, most of them got what they wanted. Even branded stuff like Crabtree, Buffel, some really expensive skin products were all granted. Everyone practically put their heart into it, put the effort and the cost of it had increased compared to the year before. Perhaps, our bond became closer, and that's the reason of all the effort and time. Ah I love my colleagues. :D

Libran Rat

Libra, just as its symbol (scales) suggests, is all about balance and justice. Librans are very diplomatic and usually can get what they want without a fight. Their charming nature allows them to get along with people quite easily. Librans are also quite adventurous, they like travelling and partying. In fact by some Libra is considered as the most hard-partying sign of the zodiac. (omg!) Weather it is true or not, they all have a good taste for fun.

Getting along with people is really one of Libra’s talents. However this also means that very often Libra individuals place too much importance on what other think about them. Libra always tries to avoid conflict and live in harmony with others, but sometimes this leads to problems piling up and not being solved, until there are too many to take. For the most part these people are very easy-going, but there is one thing that they really dislike and it is when somebody is being unjust and is unwilling to compromise. One of Libra’s biggest flaws is their indecisiveness.

Librans are very romantic at heart and always want to have someone by their side. Relationships to them are like an adventure, and they expect their partner to know how to make it fun and worthwhile. Librans usually have a good taste for expensive things, be it clothes, food, or places they go to.

Overall Librans are very fun loving, easy-going and charming people; they are definitely the ones you would want to join a party with. If there are any problems, they will be willing to help, and with their talents of diplomacy they can be very useful.

Not all are true, but majority are true. I am a typical Libran. ENuff said.

How to seduce Libra?
  • Learn to compromise and be rational --------> no idea, maybe yes ahaha
  • Compliment them ---------> not really
  • Dress with style -----> ah TRUE TRUE
  • Talk about relationships ------>nope
The following is what you should not do, if you want a Libra person to like you:
  • Be arrogant ---------> darn true
  • Be cheap -------> darn super true
  • Be unfriendly to others
Love traits (I have no idea in all of these traits haha)
  • Romantic
  • Caring
  • It’s hard to make a Libran commit, but once they do, their love is unquestionable
  • Very peaceful and will try to avoid any fights
  • Likes to flirt, even when in a relationship, but it’s rarely anything to worry about
  • Fair and just
Drinking style
"I'm just a social drinker (I am lah) ," slurs Libra. Scales person loves nothing more than to party, mingle and relate to everyone. Whether dipped in favor of Good Libra (with Instant-Friend device set to "on") or heavier on the Evil Libra side (they are little instigators when bored), the Scales can really work a room. Charming as they are, Libras are notoriously lacking in self-control, which can get them into all sorts of trouble - including wearing their wobbly boots way too early in the evening, flirting with their best friend's boyfriend or even blacking out the night's events entirely. Oops!----> yor .. scary but no I am not those k dont worry. Plus, do I look like I love to party that much? No.