Friday, September 2, 2011


You know something is wrong when excuses after excuses had been made, reasons after reasons and keep on counting.

There's no reason for you to lie, there's no reason for you to hide the truth. Just be truthful and everything is gonna be okay. The worst ever apology you can tell is that you're busy with work til 3-4am every single day. Each time you tell that you're busy with work til you forget the time. What's so difficult to just tell the truth? It isn't. Really. Do you think that you can get away with it forever? It will not happen. Each time you tell a different excuse, like yeah family issues work the best, right? I know, we have heard and seen countless of these live dramas. So yeah, it does work.

Each apology you do, the effectiveness just get more and more useless til one day it feels like you're just singing a boring song, a song that people do not wanna listen and it gets so annoying, such as a Justin Bieber's song.

No matter how busy a person is, it's not right for you to make an appointment and just gone with the wind. Emergencies happen, but each time? It's bloody ridiculous if you ask me. It's either that or you are a problem magnet that problems just go to you each and every time, plus you must have a major face problem.

Apologizing one after another does not make sense at all, so why bother apologizing after that? It makes no difference whether you do or you don't. Do you think it takes effect? Absolutely not. Are you really that ignorant or plain stupid? Yes, stupid. If you think that the other party can't sense and see all these, perhaps you're just blind. The other party had been telling the issues that arise and you pretend nothing had happened. Damn, I'm amazed.

Conclusion, you are stupid, deaf and blind? A perfect combination I must say. Chukhahae ^^


Anonymous said...

Lol! I saw a justin bieber song xD ...

You are now 12km away haha ^^

Chill man..

- adam

Panda said...

yea so annoying haha, really 12 km? lolz