Thursday, September 29, 2011

Determination ...

Certain people are born optimist, and they really impress me with their never-ending determination. It sometimes amaze me so much that it feels like those people do not exist on this planet.

Their perseverance is really astonishing that sometimes I hope they could put just a quarter of them to those pessimists. Anyhow, I don't hope these optimists exist either, but they do unfortunately.

You know, when someone calls a person, and that person does not give any positive respond, and the call was only picked up once, it's so obvious and it's clear enough that people are not interested so please do understand. These optimists do not. They keep on calling like as if there is nothing else to do in this world. If only they could put these determination into something more productive, then we will live in a more peaceful world. For a normal person, they will not pick their damn phone up to call someone up at like 2-3am on a weekday. Crazily enough, this idiotic lunatic here actually calls me at that hour.

Of late, if I do not respond, there's a reason. It's because I do not want my sleep to be disturbed and interfered by this problematic dude. At all times, particularly 12am onwards, it needs to be put on silent, or else I need to suffer the whole freaking night. I do not know when will he call me, on which day or whatever, or why. I do not know the reason either and I do not intend to find out.

If you're unstable, please try to get a professional help to stabilize yourself because you're a danger and hazard to those around you. If I did not silent my phone, I think I would have developed a phobia hearing my phone rings already. I actually had that phobia before last year when I receive calls just anytime of the day. It was during a period of time when I kept receiving calls from this particular person who do not seem to understand what sleeping means.

If you're looking at a positive side, maybe it's a good thing that I actually know that person. On a bad side, maybe it isn't a good thing because when you know that person, you can't really tell them off that their calls is actually bothering you without actually sounding rude.

I guess I can't do anything now with that weirdo except to hope that he gets fed up and stop calling me for good. Or else, it's just all the best and good luck, there's nothing I can do. Hallelujah.

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