Thursday, September 22, 2011


People are getting so desperate these days. We are all not going to die in 2012 so people, you do not have to do all the unthinkable stuff. It's not something to be proud of either. Can't you guys just live like normal, and whatever you wanna do just do, and it's definitely a sin if it involves other people, and that includes harassing, disturbing and interferring people's lives.

There's always a border and limitations set by every individual and I am no different. If you have decided to be a freak or some spooky insane moron, please go ahead, and do not disturb me. Idiot, 2-3am is when people are asleep and I despise taking up calls at that kind of hour. Even if I am not asleep, I dislike it to the core. If you are looking for something extra, may I suggest you to go to any illegal massage parlour where you can get a 2 in1 service. All you have to do is to pay a little extra and if you do not have the cash, then just sell your ass off to get those. I'm not gonna stop you nor am I gonna comment anything about it because, remember, I do not know who the hell are you. I do not bother whether you exist, or you don't, dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me, but now it does if you keep on disturbing me. I do not wish to know who the devil you really are either as I have absolute no interest.

If you do not have a life, then I wish you all the best because I have one. You do not have to spoil the life that I have now. I admit that I am having the time of my life now and you do not even exist in that circle. So, please refrain yourself from doing ass stuff.

If I have hung up on you countless times, please search for another number, to hunt for another potential victim, someone who at least give a respond to you, a possitive one. Yours truly here, is not interested, thank you for your time, good bye and never hear from you again.

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