Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Idiotic Moron

It's really very difficult to live and survive these days. So many girls had suffered silently. Some live in trauma for many years and some scars stayed for a long long time and some never left them.

When you work with someone, of course you would have at least a certain extent of trust and respect there and being in a corporate world, everyone expect the others to act professionally whether you are an employer or an employee.

I just feel disgusted with this dude here, who is a non-Malaysian citizen. He harassed an employee. When people had put their respect on you, I do not know for what idiotic reason, he has to tarnish everything by doing such unruly act. Whatever he has done is so uncalled for and unforgivable. She did not tempt him, she did not ask nor she deserves it. Morons like him deserve to rot in hell. If he thinks that money can settle everything, think again, not all girls are like that, not all girls from that country are like that. Rich doesn't mean everything. Money can't buy everything. I'm sorry, idiot. It's so obvious that your money means nothing. Being rich doesn't give you any freaking right to act whichever and however way you want to.

If you are rich and you want to act in such a way, there's always the red light district to go to. There's a reason why such places existed, to cater for a barbarian like you. For what he had done, he had left the poor girl so traumatized. Go back to where you belong, loser, you are definitely not invited here. This is not your country., not your place. Hence, you better behave and ensure that your behaviour in public is constantly keep in check.

No matter who you are, even the king of the world, does not have any bloody rights to act in that uncivilized and uncultured way to any single girl on this Earth. Karma will find its way to you someday, a zillion times worse than this.

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