Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insecure Princess

I don't know, should I pity you? Should I have sympathy on you for acting like this all these years? Should I or should I not, it does not matter anymore. Everyone had moved on in life.

I pity you for not having any confidence, for being so insecure all the time. If you were like 5-10 years younger, maybe I understand why. Now, at this age, you are still feeling that way, what can I say? You have changed someone who used to be so talkative to someone who hardly talks, you disallow him to act in that way just because you don't like it. How selfish you can be. You are afraid he goes for prettier girls, and definitely I can assure you that you are not the prettiest in this world. Even Ms Universe is not the prettiest.

I don't blame you, because of your nature, I don't blame him for being like that too. I blame nobody because you chose this path. Just becareful that history might repeat itself. It's ironic you know. If you think that those who are being controlled will be so obedient all the time, listen to your princess disease' command and demand, maybe you might wanna think over it again. It is these people that once there's an opportunity arise, they will take it. Initially, I thought it's those who got all the freedom they have that end up doing stuff like that. Unfortunately, after I have opened my eyes, this is not the case. It's exactly like how children are brought up. The more grounded they are, the more they wanna go out and once they are able to go out, they go berserk and wild, while those who are given all the freedom, they feel nothing, so they don't see a point of going all wild. Well, not all cases of course, but that's what I have seen so far, and please do not include exceptional cases.

But again, if that's your nature, nothing can change that, right? You insecure selfish princess. Well then, good luck and all the best, yo.

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