Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop it already

Lately, someone is getting desperate, I see. I really do not know what the heck is wrong with you.

Even if you wanna be desperate due to the fact that you have all broken up with your ex-gf, it really has got nothing to do with us. Please keep that to yourself and get desperate elsewhere, somewhere people don't know you. No matter how well and good were we in the past, you know, that's only the past. We have all moved on and that none of us are interested in you.

Please ... all of us know about your past and that you should just stay as friends and nothing else. Do not tarnish your own image further because it's already really bad now. I have been hearing a lot of stories of late. I do not wanna hear it anymore. Just stay where you are and everything's gonna be alright.

Even more so, I do not wanna have anything to do with you because of your pitiful past. It's a past I know, that is why I should just leave it as it is and should not interfere each other's lives. I really hope that you do not try your luck around us because it will never succeed. Never. The world is small you know, it happens when you least expect it. Words are poisonous so ensure that whatever you do is something that you can tell people, not the other way round. Unfortunately, whatever you did in the past is not something people can proudly admit it just like that.

Your name is literally gone now. Just be friends, that's my sincere advise. Do not try to push it further than what you can take. It's a bad name already, why do you wanna go in deeper, the scar is there all along. We don't say it upfront does not mean that we don't know anything. We do more than what you can guess. We have our own private lives and we prefer to keep it that way, so why bother asking about it?

I can see that you are trying real hard huh ... trying your every luck to any singles out there. Are you really out of your mind? Please do not, it's really enough, just stop all these already, it's not funny anymore. I do not wanna have that day come when I meet you on the streets, or that we meet up, I begin to feel disgusted the moment I have my first glance at you after so many years. I do not want that to happen. So, please just stop.

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