Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 4

Day 4, we spent almost the whole day in the bus travelling. I sat til my ass went flat, like literally. Great view, cold weather and comfortable bus. It's really all about looking out from the window. We stopped every now and then with the superbly skillful driver.

I saw my friends there ... ducks. haha. We stopped there to snapped some pictures which was located very nearby to the hotel we stayed in the night before

See it's all white ... like really white so can you imagine how cold it was then? Freezing, even in the bus

A weather like that is best to get a hot drink. They are famous for their apple drink, it comes hot ...since that I don't take any hot drinks back home, this is a really good opportunity to have one. It feels like heaven.

It's visiting time ...

Ahh look at the snow .. so cozy .... falling down onto the ground...

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