Friday, October 21, 2011

Go Go Go!

Woman, do you really have to stick your nose to everyone else' business? Like, really? Do you have to do that and involve an outsider? Do you really feel a need to do that? You better think twice before doing that.

Just in case you don't know that words are poisonous so ensure that whatever you have said to people is something you can face later on. No matter how dramatic and hypocrite you may be, I am definitely not a fan of dramas. I only love to watch Korean dramas and not a drama made out of your life or my life. I'm totally not interested.

Please leave me out for once. Do I look like I don't have a life that you need to involve me so that it looks more interesting to you? I'm sorry I don't need this kind of help. I am happy the way things are and I will appreciate it more only if you behave more around me, in front as well as behind my back.

You love attention terribly, oops sorry I shall rephrase that, you demand for attention doesn't mean everyone else does. I'm reminding you not to step on my tail because it will not end well. You don't wanna cause a scene out of that small lil thing, do you? Sorry for a moment I have forgotten that you are a drama queen.

Yeah I might lose some out of these if a war takes place, but if you force me to, I will fight to the very end just to prove that I do not lose. Read my words, I have kept quiet all these while, so please respect that silence. Do not break the silence and you will be fine.

So what if I act a certain way? Does it have to do with you in the first place? If you are so unhappy and dissatisfied, why bother contacting in the first place? You might as well lead a life of your own without us crossing path with each other and we will be fine. But, no matter what, you just can't leave me alone, and you just wanna leave me in frustration and til to date, I don't understand why either. Can't you just ignore my existence? I will be happy you know. From today onwards, leave me out of everything because I don't wanna be in your circle. It's NOT cool.

Hypocrites is not my cup of tea. I don't mind being a devil as long as we are not in the same league. Stay a distance away from me, and it also means stop talking, yeah just about anything. Stop all and everything's gonna be alright. If you continue what you have been doing, I will ensure that I will teach you how to appreciate it the hard way. Sometimes, I might lose a lil along the way too, but, it's not about those, to me, it's all about the fight, and I mean, I will fight til the very end and eventually, it's all about satisfaction. Moral of the story, think before you talk, use your brain before you do anything.

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