Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guys vs Girls

Some people get along better with guys, some with girls, and some are okay with both genders.

It's actually very difficult to get along with you same gender at times. There's this something in them, just something. I personally prefer and it's much easier clicking with guys, rather than girls due to the nature of girls. I am talking about those typical girls who possess a very typical girls' attitude. Girls are in no doubt a jealous species. That's what makes them so difficult to chill and hang out with. They are more complicated than they sound at times. When you're dealing with super sensitive girls, it's not okay to say mean things. But, how can you control oneself when all along that's how you behave. You gotta be extra careful on your usage of words. Then, there comes the part that if you are closer to guys than them, they will start trying to ditch you down. You know these girls, they have an aim, it is to be popular among guys. To be in that position, they will pretend to be really close to you, because that's a plus point, a bonus mark.

Guys they might tease you, they might say really cruel and mean things to you but I prefer it that way. I love bitter words more than anything else. They might insult, humiliate and offend you but you know deep down, they don't mean it. When you need them, they are at most times be there. When it comes to the girls, oh goodness me. They might compliment you from head to toe and toe to head, but deep down, you know that they are just putting up a show in public and don't mean it as well. Unless they are very sporty girls with attitude, or else it's just hard. Many girls I know dump you and ditch you aside once they have a bf. For them, it's only for convenience. It's just sad, isn't it? Is getting a partner all they can think of? Is pleasing the bf the most important thing in the world? Must they really ditch their friends just because they found a bf? Damn, the world just gets more and more sad as time and generation goes by.


Anonymous said...

Err.. But it does sound a little g.. If a guy says he clicks better with the same gender no? =p


Panda said...

But now, it's bout the girls issue you know ... they are just so annoying ... coz they tend to dump you once they get a bf, they try to hard, and they are just too fake, it's about who is more capable to put up the best show, ewww disgusting