Friday, October 28, 2011

Saengil Chukhahae Part 1

20 over years ago, I was brought into this cruel world. It was when I existed. In other words, it was my birthday last month. So yeah, we celebrated. You can't like tell me to stay home on my birthday, watch tv alone at home, right? Expect some alcohol, just some will do. I feel much better this year compared to last or years before. It's because when you don't really plan it, it's when things start to fall into place. Don't expect, don't put too high hopes on people, and you will end up happy. Out of so many weekends, I need to work on that Saturday. Thank God, it was just half day. Each year, I just ran out of idea what to do really. Nowadays, we have hotels available to stay in with those loyalty cards and all. So, we decided to utilize that for my birthday. At least, something different this year.

We started by having a Japanese lunch. All three of us have no freaking idea what to do, so we just hopped into one Japanese restaurant in Pavillion. The food is actually quite nice, can consider going back there. The name is called Watami or something like that.

That's our Caesar salad. I have not tasted really nice Caesar salad before since Lecka Lecka moved away from Bukit Bintang. This was like one of the nicest ones since then.

Is this like some chicken katsu something? I'm really horrible with names.

Onion rings, damn this is cool

My partner in crime

Finally me ... and okay, I know I look so damn retarded =.=

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