Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stop Condemning

Dude, just because you love Japanese stuff, just because the girl of your dreams is obsessed over Japanese stuff, it doesn't give you any right to condemn Korean stuff, the Hallyu stars and all.

What are you talking about plastic surgeries when the Japanese themselves is known for that? Before you even start blaming and putting down somebody, someone or somethings, please ensure that you're perfect yourself, or that the stuff that you like has no flaws whatsoever. In actual fact, everything in the world has flaws, and that includes you. If you are really that great, you will not be putting down the Korean stuff. Please stop being jealous about how big it has become to this date.

This just shows what a sore loser are you. You can't lose, and you refuse to admit that you have lost, this is what happen - sulk at one corner in a very pathetic manner.

I can swear with my own life that if the girl starts liking Korean stuff, you will be a God damn slave for Korean stuff as well. How sad and how fake you really are. Man, not that I don't know you're fake anyway.

Yeah yeah I know, what's the big fuss right? I got it, it's not like I earn money from this and all. But, hello? Do you really have to really put down others just to make yourself look good? It doesn't work that way, idiot. Handle it like a man, admit it like a man, not a sore loser. Should I feel sad for you? Hmm.


Anonymous said...

annyeong haseyo ^-^

philippines- you're like a few thousand KM away LOL!

Korean for the win! yeah! =.=


Panda said...

Oh Adam .. omg ur iin PH now? Goodness gracious, can you like stay fix in ONE place =.=