Sunday, October 16, 2011

That snake

It all started a slight pain above my chest, very near to my shoulder on the left. It's not like the pain is always there, it's on and off. It just attacks out of a sudden and gone, very repetitive kinda things throughout the day. It wasn't that painful so I did not think much.

Then something grew and it looks like mosquito bites initially. I still did not think much. As I understood my skin so well, I just thought it's some skin irritation once again. It's quite frequent I get rash every now and then but after awhile it will disappear. That's what I thought.

It then followed by stomach aches. This isn't right anymore. As it's just on and off, and the pain was bearable at that point of time, I shall wait for a day more to see what happen. If all this continues, then let's call my 24 hours doctor. When I showed people, all told me the same thing, it's a sign that I got attacked by the snake.

The whole night, I was in pain, my stomach. From the beginning, I know it's not the pain that I know. I did not feel that sort of pain before. Stomach cramps, stomach ache, the common ones, it doesn't feel the same. On Saturday, the pain became so unbearable at some point of time and the best part was I was at work. I can't do much but to bear it somehow til the extent I could not anymore.

So, stupid snake made me lying on bed at most of the times. It itches, it's so painful. It's call shingles in normal terms.

I actually went to google what happened to me and some other illness came up. But, it happens to mostly Western and African countries, and it attacks older people. So, the probability isn't there. It's not appendix either because the pain is on my left, and not right. There's no way appendix has rash.

So, after comfirming what I am having now, I googled it up and it's the same virus as chicken pox. Those who have had chicken pox only can get this. So what, it has been sleeping inside me for the past 20 years. Holy cow! Shingle

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