Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 5

It's our Day 5 already. Time surely flies when it comes to holidays and vacations, doesn't it? It's the time of the life, a trip down Cappadocia. It is where they are world famous for their hot air balloons. If you are there in Cappadocia, and you don't take it, it's like you have never been there.

In order to ride this hot air balloon, your day gotta start as early as 5am. The time you depart from the hotel is 5.15am. It's crazy and absolutely insane you may think. With the price you're paying, this is madness. The price is really pricey but for that once in a lifetime experience, it's worth every cents.

It's so cold and it's freezing ... waiting for it to heat up

The scenery is just amazing

The sun is up and there are tans of other hot air balloon up

We have all graduated .... open champagne!!

Damn ... all these people are so great. It was so safe there, each and every crew were so efficient, professional and they had anticipated everything. In order to be a pilot for hot air balloon, it is much more tougher than any parts of the world. Hence, each one of them is so experienced that you wouldn't doubt about their capabilities.

It's first class! Excellent! ^^

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