Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 6 Part 2

While waiting for everyone to gather again at the promised time, there were so many dogs there. Had ice-cream and it's even colder then. haha.

Even the dogs were feeling so cold

In the night, we were taken to a belly dance performance ... it was so good. The origins of belly dance some said it was the Greeks, and some said the Egyptians, and it was brought over to Turkey at a later stage. Belly dance is part of Turkish's culture and you can see it in clubs, parties and even on television. People usually hire belly dancers for weddings as well to liven up the atmosphere.

After a few of them came out, they got the audience to dance along from all over the world.

This is Asena, she is among the most famous belly dancers in Turkey. She has her own unique style and she appears on television program to do a short performance every now and then. Besides that, she had even made an album with a famous singer.

Now it's the guys turn. Their costume is kinda cute haha.

There were many more performances and back we went back to the hotel

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