Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turkey Trip Day 7

It's the last day. My dream has officially ended on that day. Back to home, back to work, back to reality and I hated that. On the last day, it's nothing hectic at all, no visiting, no nothing, just purely shopping, last minute shopping or whatever. I am not really keen to buy people souvenir because it's just so difficult. It's no easy task.

This is even more huge than the Grand Bazaar. This is called the Spice Market or Spice Bazaar I forgot. They have practically everything there. Food, clothes, souvenirs, carpets and even pets! Right, so I think the people over there are not so well aware of the existence of Malaysia or is it just me =.= But, thank you really. Nobody thought I was from China! None! The cloest they got was Singapore but that's only one, the others guessed I was like Jap (which is no way okie) and Korean (oh thanks for making my day haha)

While we were all waiting outside for the others, let's capture a pic first.

Back to the airport ... we have got a few hours to spare before bidding Goodbye to Turkey. This is actually Visit Turkey Year.

The airport ...

Oops I got the chop. So yeah everything has ended. Turkey is huge, damn, it's really huge. 8 days is definitely not enough to visit. If you really wanna know more about Turkey, to go more deep in into the country, let's not just say 1 month, I think 6 months is just barely enough.

From that moment I got down from the bus, I just know it that I am gonna miss the weather! Like, badly!

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