Sunday, October 23, 2011

When problems arise ...

Humans face obstacles in life, problems and challenges. It is how you deal with it to solve it, not so much on complaining about it and keep on whining til someone else does it for you.

I just don't get the whole point of you posting up on a Facebook status, and replying those comments one by one when you could have that time to think of a solution. It annoys me when you appear at my news feed.

Yeah yeah, you keep on saying that my life is good, I don't have any problem I'm happy with it and all. Well, do I have to post up on Facebook each time I face an obstacle like you do and attract both wanted and unwanted attention? I just feel grateful, nothing else. I don't need those attention. FYI, I'm not an attention seeker like yourself, so why must I do stuff like you? You're really bad at handling problems.

At this age, you do not even possess an acceptable level of self-esteem, you must be a very sad and imbalanced person. I'm sorry to say this, but I feel that sometimes, it isn't even a problem but you make it like a big issue. Sometimes, you were the source of your own problem as well.

Please do not sound like I have a perfect life or a life near perfect. I don't. It is just that I don't show it to you and I feel I don't have the need to. Perhaps, at least, I use my brain before I do and decide on something. A rational thinking more like it. I don't simply sign off stuff then regret a million times later on and you're stuck with a commitment which is not supposed to be yours in the first place. Don't you think that you deserve it at times? Think about it.

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