Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bless You

Certain people just have the tendency and that ability to annoy others, be it friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or even clients. Yeah, clients. I'm not talking about clients being fussy and all, but it's just their God damn comments towards others.

Sometimes, it really doesn't harm you to just keep your mouth shut. If we don't acknowledge and talk to each other, I'm really okay with it. But, if you start passing on stupid idiotic remarks, I am definitely not okay with it. This one thought that we can be as close as possible and that maybe, he took things a lil too far without him realizing it. I don't know, not that I have asked. I have absolutely no interest to know anything about him. Just keep a distance and I'll be just as happy. Commenting about me being 10 years older in my uniform is not a compliment. Leaving comments like this will not be advantageous to him at all because I will return that lovely favour to him. Being not in a good mood in a morning, do not get me started. It's not that I wanna say that he's old, but he asked for it. I told him not to worry bout it because he definitely looks way much older than I do. ^^

Another weirdo came recently, leaving some really idiotic comments. Not that I wanna care and all, just ensure I do not know about it. A weirdo will always act weirdly, I understand that. He was telling this interviewee that this place is so boring, ooh like he has been working at this place for 10 years. If it's so boring, then get your damn ass out from that place, why are you working there for my client? Being a moron? Please do not try to make some really lame dry jokes as well, because we certainly do not find it at all funny. That is not humorous, that is plain boring and lame. You know why it's so boring? It's because you're not cool, and everything is weird about you. Just distance yourself. We do not entertain lame weird dudes.

May God bless you.

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