Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Interview

People say first impression matters. It takes only about 10 seconds to conclude your first perception on someone.

These days, I'm not sure if there are too many jobs out there or what, people become so irresponsible. When you have agreed to come for an interview, please do come no matter what. If really you do not want the job, either you have a better offer, or you're lazy, whatever the reason is, have the courtesy to call up the company to either cancel it or postpone it. Do not just vanish.

See, if you just don't show up, the next day you call again to re-schedule the interview, do you ever think people will still take you in the end of the day despite what you had done? Do you think you're the only person going for the interview? People do not really have the good impression on you anymore, so don't waste your time to call up. Geez, these people actually exist. They still have the guts to still show up, and this time, late? When you go for an interview, you don't just come and go as you like. People had set up the interview time for the convenience of both parties. You're not the queen where people wait for only you. There's no such thing.

An interview is an interview. If you're playing a fool, it just shows what kind of person are you, that you're not reliable and responsible, no punctuality as well and you're just not taking this job seriously. If you're not early, it's okay, at least be on time, on the dot. Minus another mark for being late, reason being you lost your way. Are you crazy or something? If you do not know the place, then you leave your house earlier. It's okay to be half an hour early, or even one hour, just make sure you're not late. Malaysians and the timing can never go along together.

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