Sunday, November 13, 2011

Malacca Day Trip @ 1st October 2011

Claudine was back here for few months this year before she went back to UK in October. For that few months, we just managed to catch up for like once in KL when she was down here. It did not happen the right time either as I was quite sick back then, so I couldn't even talk. It wasn't fun. So, three of us decided to drive down to Malacca, a day before she was supposed to fly back to UK. Who knows Aboeji came to our rescue when he said he will join us. haha.

As we arrived there, the first task to complete is to have chicken rice balls

Holy cow! You gotta be kidding me man ... do you really have to queue up under that hot burning sun just to have that chicken rice balls, well, we joined them -_-

Omg omg ... I think the last time I had this was 5 years back. It surely has shrunk.

Yeah this is a six star hotel there. The design and all is very European style.

Being us, we can't resist that lighting in the WC haha .. as always :P

Til the next time we meet ^^ Avoir

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