Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

So it's already the year of a Dragon ... voila, Happy Chinese New Year all!

I'm never a fan of visiting during CNY, even when I was way way younger, I rather choose to stay home with no money, than to go visiting with extra money. I just dislike visiting. That's just, me.

This year is a tad different, I actually went. Tho it's only 2 places which I was forced to, but nevertheless, I went eventually. Chinese love noise, it represents joy and happiness but I am the kind of person who appreciates peace rather than anything else. I actually don't like noisy places, but a club is a whole different thing. Too much of everything is not a good thing anyway.

Tadaa ... my first day ... no visiting but I got them!

Second day ... tadaa.

So yeah, it's not the multi-connections in my family, Thank God. I will be feeling so uneasy and so uncomfortable when there are many people, no matter where it is.

Happy Chinese New Year 2012!!!

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