Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Hey, so here we are now, in 2012. How was your New Year celebration? Mine was awesome except some annoying species sticking around.

2011 I will consider that as a very different year for me. Overall again, it was fine, it wasn't a bad year at all. In fact, it's considered quite a good year, except for the health part. Just a recap what have I done throughout the year.

Chinese New Year fell in January last year and I wasn't here, physically in KL, for the first time in my life. For the years before that, I was just working my ass off. A travel down Turkey was a worthwhile experience, an eye opener to the world

It was the first time we went out drinking during Valentine's and we were all surrounded by couples in a club. FOL haha

Nothing too interesting this month

It was SZB's birthday and yeah it's partay time. In the other hand, I was thinking of moving on. I just could not withstand that position back then, all the mistreatments and all. It all just hit me on my face, as one after another were all saying the same thing to me - move on.

This was the month that I have been FFK-ed the most. I put that in my record. My expectations went zero right away and immune to everything. I have made a decision, that I should put a stop of going out with a person who FFK so frequently over the most idiotic excuse.

My work had pushed me off my limits, that I finally fell sick. It went on throughout the whole month and receive no signs of improvement.

When I just realized certain guys can be so absurd. We went to Beast's showcase and damn, it was awesome. It was this month after 20 over years I have not been to Cameron, I was there! Damn, it's just cool. I got a temporary transfer to another office.

I got transferred back to my original office, and I needed to be back reluctantly. Met Rayleen for the first time after so many years. My then-colleague had decided to move on and I need to faster get a new place to move to as well

It's my birthday month and I had one of the best birthdays staying there in MO. It was this month that she finally decided to tell the world she's together with that guy after months of speculations and people are not surprised. Some random guy had found my number and started calling me late at night aka early in the morning to talk rubbish. I need to constantly silent my phone before I sleep to avoid getting stupid calls from him

I got sick of her after knowing all those sinful things she had done behind people's back. I can't bring myself to even talk to her like how I used to. In my career wise, it's time to move on. I have tendered my resignation. It was the last time I was studying Korean before I stop as my new job can't accommodate me going to Korean classes. I stopped at Elementary 2. Happy Halloween.

It's the beginning of my new life. So far so good, and I guessed I have been in my previous company for too long that I felt so isolated before and suddenly, there were so many colleagues around. I felt blessed. It was this month I realized how some girls club, that they expect no body contact, no contacts at all with guys, so I might as well, you just do a house party aye? I fell sick again.

It's always the time of the year to spend money. My bro's got married, was here for a month and back to US. I'm here still partying around. During Christmas, somene FFK-ed me. So maybe, it was me who allow them to FFK right? So yeah, too bad, I don't accept apologies.

It might have been a rollercoaster ride, but I literally enjoyed the year, without that work of course. I was dragging myself to work everyday but I did my part as an employee. Taking up Korean lessons should be the highlight, the trip I had, the change of the job is the major change. I'm glad I had 2011. Thank you 2011!!

It's time to look forward in 2012, your resolutions, you goal in 2012. This might not be a resolution or anything, but I hope that my dreams of travelling to Korea comes true. That's what I am looking forward to this year :)

Happy New Year 2012

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