Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's break up

She wanted to break up, as she sees that the relationship isn't going anywhere, but before she can even say so, he read her mind. "Let's break up," says he.

Several days of silence calmed things down. They started with friendship that had gone into relationship that doesn't seem to work out, so they are back being friends.

Then, things are just not right anymore. He's acting like nothing ever happened, back to how they were before. She's confused as to her, they had broken up. Due to people they mix with, she's feeling the huge gap between them, and the way they think is way too different from each other. He felt something was not right either.

He's always asking her out for outings, and she wasn't always keen of going out. She was just not interested in going out with him. He's always texting her to talk, even crapping was fine. She's more interested in the new guy.

This is way too obvious that it's a one way relationship. Girl isn't interested, and guy wants it back like how it was. But, guy doesn't understand that things can't turn back time like how it was. There were just too many issues and that these issues can't be resolved. Girl isn't patient enough and it broke all loose. The feeling isn't right anymore. Guy is still trying really hard to maintain that friendship, but if he's over doing it, she can't even go out with him anymore. He was the one who asked for the break. She's confused with her actions and words. She wants the friendship but she doesn't want anything beyond that. In the other hand, guy is confused himself, he doesn't know what he wants. Girl has put an end to that relationship and had moved forward to another guy, as there are more common things. There's actually nothing common between them, not even the way they think. Two different worlds, come together as one, is never going to be easy. It's not just I like you, let's get together, we will work it out if we put enough effort. It's not simple as that. There are so many factors involved, and friends are one of them. Even if guy had liked the girl for a decade, if they are not meant to be, they are just not. Accept the fact and move on.


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