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Libra 2012

Personal Traits

The basic Libran nature is diplomatic and charming. Libras have an idealistic and generally peace loving nature. They are easygoing and sociable. Librans are considered by many astrologers to be among the most civilized of the twelve signs. Often good looking, they exude certain elegance, charm and fine taste.

As lovers of beauty and harmony, both in art and life, their nature is gentle and kind. Pleasure oriented people, Libras are intuitive and very aware of the power of image. They are happiest when socializing, and at the top of their social strata. You will find many Librans in local organizations volunteering their time and services and rising to a position of prominence. They are fence sitters and will not take a stand on an issue, but prefer the middle of the road, until they are forced to choose. They make good diplomats .

They are known to be objective and impartial in making judgment calls. They are more interested in making friends than enemies, and are willing to go along with others and do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship.

Very sociable, they abhor cruel or vicious actions, and shy away from vulgar and offensive behavior. They prefer to cooperate and compromise, and will give up, even when they feel they are in the right, rather than put up with the ordeal of an argument. Discord makes them totally insecure, and uncomfortable. They need and want harmony in their lives, and will do whatever it takes to have it.

Positive Traits

T hey are gifted with a strong sense of justice and fair play, and have fine analytical abilities. Librans are sensitive to others and understand the emotional needs of their associates.

They are optimistic and cheerful people and have an ability to charm and delight their friends and acquaintances. Librans are not loners, and do better in partnership both in their personal, and in their business life.

Main positive traits: Romantic, cooperative, gracious, sociable, tactful, diplomatic.

Negative Traits

The more negative Libran character can be frivolous, flirty and quite shallow. In romance they can be indulgent to the point of hedonistic.

Librans can be changeable and indecisive,impatient of routine, boringly conventional and timid . Because they are slow to anger, Librans will shock everyone around them with their sudden outbursts of rage. Many Librans have been known to be hopeless gamblers.They are seldom happy in marriage.

Main negative traits: Fickle, dependent, indecisive, sulking, Peace at any cost.


In a profession or business, Librans often succeed as administrators, lawyers, antique dealers, civil servants. Finance is also a fair field, as Libras are trustworthy in handling other people's money.

Naturally creative and artistic, some Librans are gifted fashion designers. Librans make good doctors.Large number of them also drift into the law field.

Others may find success as artists, composers, critics, writers, interior decorators, or managing various areas of public entertainment. Some work philanthropically for humanity with great self-discipline and significant results. Those with a gift for finance sometimes make good speculators, for they have the optimism and ability to recover from financial setbacks.

Advice for the Librans

Librans must strive for not being knocked off balance by the burdens of emotional or physical attachments either of themselves or others.
They crave for the peace and happiness of home but it is usually a disaster. Librans are inclined to suffer from depression of spirit, back pain and severe headaches.

Libra 2012 Horoscope

A much better year than the last year gone by is predicted for you in all respects. You will get mental peace and solutions to your problems. Health problems surface off and on and medical expenses will be there. If you plan and move then by the year end you will be happy and contended. You have trumps in your hands, and it is important to play them in a right way. With Jupiter, a planet of success aspecting your sign for most of this year, you mustn't be afraid to leap into action and to stand up for your rights.

Libra 2012 Love, Family Horoscope

In private and love relations Libra will be trying to settle a difficult and may be unsolvable situation. Influence of the Jupiter makes you more courageous, resolute and independent that will have an effect on relations with your partner and former passions. The most difficult time is the end of March and April, when you'll finally make a choice. If love will manage to overcome all obstacles, you should expect your relations to be continued. If is not, don't be upset, as there are many paths to the future and this year provides a magnificent opportunity to find the one for you to give your heart and soul. A new love is probable to come to your life and that will affect your existing relations, so a breakup will be most natural, and maybe even indispensable. In the second half of the year getting divorced couples will start a struggle for shared property and the future of their children. This year promises a romantic encounter in February, June or second half of August, that is to change the whole life positively.

Libra 2012 Health Horoscope

In the first half of the year the energy level of Libra is quite high and diseases are not likely to occur. In the second half of the year, however, existing illnesses will reveal themselves, or new ones will suddenly appear. It is suggested to be more attentive and minimize the risks of traumas and accidents. Improvement in family life and domestic harmony is predicted. Health needs care especially from February to July. Gastric troubles, sleep apnea, arthritis and mental stress indicated till July. Rest of the year will be positive for health purposes.

Libra 2012 Finance Horoscope

Money problems get solved July onwards and developments in career clearly predicted. Promotions and acquisition of luxury goods will be there. The dullness that you have been experiencing for the last 13 months will be removed.

Libra 2012 Business Horoscope

This year promises interesting and effective professional life. Businessmen will begin a new project and will make new perspective contacts. Communication with colleagues from other cities or countries is quite successful; the trips that will contribute to the whole business development are possible. Some of you will think of purchasing business premises and will be able to put the project into life in second half of the year. The most successful months of the year are the end of January, February, June, second half of August and October. The difficult side is relation with existing partners which can take a position, contradicting to the business interests. Conflicts will dominate the whole year and will finally cause serious financial disagreements. The most violent conflicts will break out in the second half of the year with November being the most difficult month. At the same time Libra may get disappointed in friends or protectors. An employee will see great changes happening in his company and will begin to explore other possibilities. Difficulties with employers and other problems are quite probable, which will give you an idea to look for another job. Fortunately, horoscope Libra invites new opportunities to come in the nearest future, and finally there will be only changes for the better. The year is favorable for the beginning of new work, which will prove to be more interesting, than the previous one, and will have better perspectives. People of creative professions will be especially lucky, as the Fortune supports their plans entirely.

Libra 2012 Money Horoscope

Despite obvious professional success, there will be some financial problems. Most of them will happen in the second half of the year, when the financial status will be shifting. It may be connected with expansion of business or with financial claims of partners. This year we advise bank workers, and all the people engaged in finance, to be more attentive and to avoid taking risky decisions, which can cost much. Those, who are not involved in the world of business, may suffer from other problems, such as unreasonable financial expectations of your second half, or problems with children that require large expenses.

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