Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Soup

I have been walking pass this restaurant in 1U almost every single day and I've never thought that I will actually end up in this restaurant, as it really looks Chinese. I'm not a big fan of fancy Chinese food in a shopping mall.

It's newly open late last year in between the old and new wing. It's called The Soup. As we entered, we didn't have to wait for them to seat us. It was just the two of us at that time. Credits to them for the ushering part. We ordered only 2 types of food, 1 each. It's very straight forward.

4 others joined us at the table. At the same time both our food arrived and guess what, the food came out wrongly. At the same time there was someone who ordered that wrong dish. Hence, it was instead given to her and there I was, continue waiting.

Quite long after they came back to reconfirm what we ordered. That's way too long of a wait just to reconfirm the order. 1 hour is almost up and I need to leave, without having my lunch.

I really don't understand. Is the order that complicated? Is it that difficult to understand simple stuff? I really don't think so. Is it a language problem? If I'm the one speaking then I might be able to understand its a language barrier and communication breakdown. But it wasn't me, it was from someone who speaks that language. Therefore, there's absolutely no reason why it was like that. They need like 5 minutes to understand and register what people tell them.

God bless you. Really.

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