Sunday, January 29, 2012

That Marriage

So well, marriage these days are becoming so surreal, so cynical. What you once thought it was, is becoming farther and farther away. As you grow up, nightmare begins to kick in. The fact that, you can't trust any longer. The fact that, you heard too many agonizing stories you don't wanna follow in the footsteps of these people. But again, you just can't let all these sad stories of others affect you. In the other hand, how can you not when out of 10 people, maybe just one of them do not have these problem. That disloyalty, that betrayal is just too much for a normal human being.

As a married person, you have vow-ed to be together with your partner through thick and thin, right to old age. But, why bother getting married when all you do is to cheat on your wife not even after 2 months. Why bother getting married when you had betrayed her and not keeping a single promise you did. Why ruin a girl's life like that, when all she can was to have a much better life than getting married with you, and to suffer being your wife.

This is reality. The age of people getting divorce is getting younger and younger. Honestly, why really ... why get married? Divorcing at early 20s, you got to be kidding me. The world is turning around, people are getting insane. The amount of money spent ends up nothing.

You can only live with regrets, you can't turn back time. How can people have the conscious to do that. 5 years ago, you chose her. You go out all the way. Now, you don't even bother looking at her. You wish she wasn't there when you're home. It's so uncalled for.

And this ... is just one of the many marriages that ended in tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Some are forced into marriage that they don't want by tradition or some other bs.

Well honestly, I'd say if you're not serious about it, stay the f**k away. Marriages are so clichè nowdays anyway.

In some countries I've been people don't even get married, all they have is a partner and kids.

I do agree, it is always best to give your partner the best of all you can or any human for that matter :)


Panda said...

yeah but he was the one who got married, and when parents asked him to get married, he agreed. He can always say, I have someone else, I don't wanna get married. He can always say No. This is not an arranged marriage.

Anonymous said...

A marriage arranged and all planned by him :)
Such a shame man!


Panda said...

it definitely is