Monday, January 9, 2012

U Mobile Broadband

I subscribed to U Mobile broadband service few years back and I don't like the fact that I had to be committed to their contract of 2 years, which means even if I don't like it, I have to stay on.

I personally hate contracts. At that point of time, broadband service was still quite new here. P2 came up after that but I got not even one positive feedback from people around me. I had a test package with U Mobile and it was fine at that time. Except, not always.

There were times in when their line were so unstable, I was unable to connect due to the rain, like how stupid can it be right? I do not wanna bother to start calling them as I know it will be a huge pain in the ass. It went on for few years, and my contract had finished, which means, I can terminate the contract at any time. I'm free to go, I chose not to. Their service had improved, I did not feel the major hiccups of service, so I remained.

For the past 48 hours, I am unable to connect. No specific reason that I know of. I paid my bill right until December in Tropicana. I tried to call them after that but it's a bloody waste of my time, and I sent them an email. Guess what? None of it was responded until now. Yes until now 2.5 days minimum. I went personally to them and asked, all they could say was unsure and that it has been unbarred.

Now, my question is, after I got back, it's still barred at this very moment! Like how ridiculous, inefficient and ignorant without having a sense of ownership.

IF I did NOT pay my bill, okay fair enough to bar my line, and now, I paid with the receipt black and white here. I'm sorry I got betrayed by you people. I'm someone who can't live without the internet and I am doing very important things online, not just online, chat, and play games. I have much more important stuff and how troublesome it had caused me now is just very uncalled for.

Thank you for not rectifying my issue here. I'm glad you never did because this is not the service I wanna use any longer. If things were rectified after I got home, I'm totally fine, but now, it's just horrifying. This is a way of you telling me, you can afford to be snobbish and that you do not need your customers anymore ain't it? Okay, your wish is granted, and don't worry, I will not promote your service any longer. Amen.

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