Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey, Happy Valentine's to all. Singles, or attached, it doesn't really matter. As I have read on FB, some are really depressed that they are all alone at home. C'mon guys, there are friends out there who are as single as you are. So, go out ^^

Why is my hair colour so weird today

It was such a long time since the last time I had this

I know it's Valentine's ... but it doesn't mean I can't eat Kenny Roger's right?

Cupcakes ^^

After dinner, took a stroll and caught a movie "That Means War." It's just one simple night out, nothing to shout about, nothing special to remember about. But, that's not the whole point. It's just spending time together, and that makes a difference. It's the moment of togetherness, and it doesn't really matter even if you do not have a bf/gf. Whether it's your partner, or your friends, the time you spend together is the moment that one should cherish and treasure. Money can't buy that.

Again, I hope everyone had a great time. Happy Valentine's once again!!


plue said...

happy belated v-day!

you had a blast hor? :D

Panda said...

Happy Valentine's to you too. I had a blast, did you? <3

Anonymous said...

Blehh.. If I had a choice either pre or post is much better I feel.

Anyway don't care was busy working :D

Whats up with the hair =.=


Panda said...

dunno myy hair is just hard to manage zzz ... ur one workaholic lolz