Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I used to work in a place full with people, they have 800 over staff. Thus, meeting people is like part of the job, and there's nothing so awkward about it, it comes just naturally. Then, we had the guests, so it's even more natural. No matter how awkward the lunch/dinner hours are, there are people eating at the same table as you. You don't have to eat all by yourself.

From that kind of job, I changed to something just the opposite. I changed to something so isolated from people. They have people coming in and out of the place, but it's just the same old people, at times, they have the walk-in clients. But, that's about it. Lunch hours is the most horrendous hour, whereby, I ate all by myself for more than a year.

I don't know what had it done to me. I felt like nobody's around anymore and I actually expected that already. That is not the type of job that I will stay for very much longer. At times, you feel that it's doom's day and nobody is on Earth. My best friend was my phone. After more than a year, I find it really difficult to get back on track, to meeting people all over again. Then, I jumped again. I felt the work place is alive, finally. There are actually people on Earth.

When there's an outing, I used to be going even though I might not know all. But, I think I was there for way too long, that the anti-social-ness is still stuck there. It's just time that can change it. Overtime, it will. I believe. I have just gone to work and leave on time for that duration of time and there's no after-work activities. Demotivated.

I'm freeeeee now ^^

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