Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Art of Talking

Certain people really need to learn the art of talking. It's not that you gotta be really really good in talking, if everyone is, then we can all be lawyers, start debating with each other until the world ends. I don't need someone who speaks in a really flowery language, but just think before speaking.

Some people do not know what to say, to whom they should say certain things, when should they say it and when should they not and how is the message delivered. They do not know.

They just blurt everything out and once they do, everything goes haywire. Some things are just not funny and they don't understand it. They think everything is just funny, and being very insensitive over some stuff and people.

They thought that's just being frank, but little did they know that it's just not being frank, but that's just being rude, impolite and insensitive. They do not think before saying anything. They may then say that's just me, and accept the way they are. It's not as simple as that. I guess, again, background plays a major role.

If it keeps happening, it's really irritating. Why can't they sometimes think before they say anything. When it comes to them, they feel others are being too straight-forward instead and that actually hurts. Life's hard with all these unnecessary things aye?

For their whole life, they are only caught in a community similar to that of theirs, they don't see things differently from an opposite point of view and they conclude that everyone in the world is similar to them. It's really difficult to talk to people like these at times. It's just sickening. Like, honestly.

They can actually claim that they understand you, and that you don't understand them? How is it possible? My god, this is just amazing.


spiky said...

yes, one should have an emotional intelligence in using etiquette when approaching someone.

Panda said...

yeah omg ... and worse if they thought they do :S