Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 28th Birthday

It was Potato's birthday the other day and this year was really a celebration for her, plus a house warming, all on a weekend when I need to work.

The best gift that she can ask for is definitely a make-up set. Revenge is indeed sweet heh? She never fails to give that to me on each occasion. Birthdays, Christmas .. and what not.

Christmas season is over, and if you wanna find a make-up set stuff is actually amazingly difficult. They have kept everything and all you can is to actually get individual stuff. Surprisingly, Elianto still has that, though not many, but they have it, except that their set is not that attractive, as it's just very similar stuff inside. As long as 100 MYR is spent, they will do the wrapping. So, actually, it's not bad getting Elianto stuff as a birthday present. We picked what we wanted and they wrapped. Cool huh?

Happy 28th Birthday ^^ Hope your wish of getting a namja chingu will finally come true this year. It's definitely good being a rat this year. Put your fingers cross. haha.

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