Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's almost 2am here on 14th February. It's already Valentine's!!

Wooot ... Happy Valentine's Day all .. and Happy Singles Day all .. to which it's applicable.

Whether you are single or attach, spend this day and cherish the moments you have. This is a very commercialized day whereby everyone's out there celebrating and everything hikes up. Hence, if you are looking at things like you wanna feel special because you are the only one celebrating it, please don't as everyone else is doing it too. If you just wanna celebrate this with other couples, just spend the time together, please go ahead and enjoy every moment together. This is the moment of love. haha.

Okay, I have honestly not celebrated. I don't know how celebrating feels like. All I know is that everywhere is jam packed, you lose your mood. Just get prepared for this. My stand still stands firm. I don't like flowers. haha.

Those who are single, please don't feel depressed or sad or whatever, because Valentine's is not only for couples. There are so many types of love out there other than romantic love. There's friends love, buddies love, siblings love, family love, all can be celebrated today. Things had changed over the years. Feeling lonely is not necessary anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


lpj said...

no valentine meh..we celebrate here lor..on ur blog. lets go drink. 1 day. by the beach ;)

Panda said...

I have temporary stopped drinking and it will be until April. I won't be on my blog tonight haha .. I will be going out. :P Happy Valentine's to you