Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peer Pressure

It is the 21st Century but why are people still leaving that kind of remarks. "Hey I'm not as young as you, I'm already in my 30s, it's already time to get married." But, in a matter of fact, I am not that young either. When you were my age, you have already started saying that anyway.

Guys is not everything. Girls is not everything. It doesn't mean that you can't live without a girl or a guy in this time of the era. Who ever said that by the time you reach 30, you gotta get married. There's no rules or regulations stating such thing. So, if you're not married by then, will you be penalized and fined? It's just stereotyped and the tradition from the olden days. It doesn't apply anymore. Why must someone follow the norm of yesteryear just because it has been done over and over again. It's time for a change, not just follow blindly just because everyone else is doing it.

It doesn't mean that you will definitely get married even if you have a partner already by 29. Even if people have been dating 7 years or 10 years, anything can happen. Breakup occurs. Even if you're married, it doesn't mean it can sustain for a lifetime. Divorce may occur. People break the vows. Life still goes on.

This is a life of your own, and you choose to walk down this path. Hence, nobody is in the position to ever question you on why are you not married by a certain age. Think about it, do you wanna rush into something, a lifetime commitment just because you are feeling peer pressure, or you would rather wait and commit to it only if you are really ready for it. It's not like you can't live without them. Besides, you have been living without the other person for like maybe 20 over years, and now you say you can't. What nonsense.

Do what you are comfortable with, commit only when you are ready for it. Just because others are doing, it doesn't mean you gotta follow that path. Take the road less taken does not mean it's bad. It's just rare but the journey is definitely a memorable one. Be independent, and everything will turn out good.

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