Sunday, February 5, 2012

Robot Sushi @ 1U

Just the other day, we have decided to try a new place to dine for Japanese Restaurant. We are always going to Watami and Ichiban. Since we were in 1U, and that we are always going to Watami, perhaps, we should try out a new place. Thus, we hopped into Robot Sushi. Previously, it was under a different name and that the food was not too bad. They remained the design of the shop, but everything else had changed.

I thought that we should at least give a benefit of the doubt for them to prove themselves. In this way, meaning, we should like have the least ever expectations.

First came was the Chawan Mushi, which has relatively failed. It was so dry, and it's just not like any other Chawan Mushi I have tried before.

It was so sweet. I almost came back being a diabetic.

This combination was weird. It didn't go well with each other.

Can't make it too

This is again, sweet.

The whole meal was just terrible. This is the first ever Japanese Restaurant we went into and not being able to finish the food and left the place feeling very dissatisfied. Again, never try never know. Hence, that was our first, and the last time, never again.

The pictures came out might not be too bad, but you know, pictures lie. When you see it with your own eyes, honestly, I didn't feel like eating. This is of course based on personal experience.