Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aboeji (Part 1)

It was Aboeji's birthday the other day. To be honest, it has been quite awhile back since we last sat down and have a proper meal together. It's only times like this we need to find time for each other. Just a week ago, a dinner was a necessity and ensure that this dinner must happen. As we sat down, talked and do some catching up to realize that it has been 7 years we all know each other. Tell me how time flies. He practically saw us grew up, from a student, to being jobless, and now we are all now working adults earning our own money.

I did not dine in this place before but heard quite a bit of Chicago

Ahh oh so tempting ... the left page, alcohol! Damn damn damn. I should not have stopped drinking. I am keeping to my discipline really closely this time unlike before where it has only been said but nothing really has been done

Er .. is this Nachos?

Wings. I don't like to dirty my hands but guess I don't have a choice

Bingo ... so here it comes, one rack. They sell by either half rack or one rack. I like this .. yum yum. Pork is like always the best food in the whole universe.


lpj said...

wa.. rack is rib izit.. gud2 p~

Panda said...

yeah pork ribs .. yumzzz

wkhai said...

yes... pork is best!! :)

haha... yaa... watch u grow up ... get married, have kids, have grandchildren, etc etc :P

it's really been a while... thanks for finding the time to catch up :~)