Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How long can you wait?

Be punctual. Is it that difficult?

I don't know how selfish can people be at times. Yes, we have agreed to meet up, there's no specific time but I presume after work, one hour is sufficient enough to reach to the desired place. Hence, I waited, and waited, and waited.

I text, asking what time. Well, I was told 2.5 hours after 6 which was utterly ridiculous. If you are telling me you are coming from KL, maybe I understand but you're not. Peak hours so what, it just doesn't make sense. You come telling me that you were dragged into a meeting. You don't even have that bloody courtesy to even text me about it. By telling me, it's already my call whether I wanna continue waiting or not. If I wanna continue waiting, it's my fault. So, you make it sound like I don't have a life and my job is to wait for you and you are the only one busy with stuff to do? Bull shit! So, if I don't text to ask, I'm sure I am unaware of all these things heh?

By you doing all these uncalled things, it's best you just don't come and look for me anymore, because I am certainly not interested. Knowing that I have low tolerance for all these nonsense, you went ahead doing all these stuff. You specimen shall stop all these trash right now.

If you wish to repeat all these, it's not even right to continue contacting me anymore. 2 months ago, you did the most annoying thing that had caused me my Christmas. Throughout so many damn years, you have been doing it and I am forgiving enough not to ask you to pay for the price. I have brought this up God knows how many times, and nothing has ever been done. If you have respect for me, you will not be doing this. But, time, again and again, had proved it that you have completely no respect towards me, and I shall just respond to that action of yours. I am happy with things are without you, please remember that. A friend will not do this to another friend. Only if you realize and know about all these basic things in life.


lpj said...

i think ur reaksi wrong de. he late his problem ma. why u angry le? we make our own choice ma. cuz u put ur heart with him, then u wil sure angry one. must consider where u place ur heart lor.

Panda said...

He late obviously it's MY problem because there's an appointment between ME and HIM. Being a man will keep to his works, apparently he's just not. :D This is not where I place my heart, but it's MY own principles. So, I have already decided, I shall live my life, he should live his, and we shall not cross path. That way, I don't see him, he doesn't see me, the world is a better place