Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Lovely ..

I'm sure that you have a few people on Facebook that you don't really feel like talking to, and when you see an updated status there, you either feel irritated or you feel like laughing your ass off.

There are these certain group of people who on and off will update their Facebook status in a really weird way. It's just predictable like what they will put there before you read the actual text. They love using words like "My lovely ..."

I'm just sorry I am not really a fan of all these things. Yeah, you are bound to have your own opinions, so do I. They will tell the whole world about their family, like oh yeah, we know you have a husband and yada yada, ooh yeah we know you have a daughter too yada yada. If you wanna stalk these people, it's freaking easy.

I used to have a lecturer who was like that. In the lecture hall, what she did was to tell how grateful she is to have a husband and a son, like one whole happy family living together under the same roof, the next semester, she was ranting away. Like, heck? We do not have dementia for God's sake.

It is absolutely not wrong if the other party is interested in your type of story and if they are the same group. If they are not, it is a total crime you're committing. So, spare the innocent ones. Please read signals and body language. The moment you start your story, you can tell right away if they are your type of people. If they are not, stop there, and move.


lpj said...

so funi wor.. no dementia^^ ya la the lecterer u shud tell her she not paid to tok kok in there lor..

Panda said...

yeah and one semester is not cheap =.=