Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things Can't Be Undone

When you are in a wrong, and that you want things to be back to how it was, sometimes, it's just can't be undone. We all know that. It's a universe's rule.

Hence, you may try to rectify things, try to talk things through with the person involved. If all has been done and it couldn't work out anymore, it's time to move on with only yourself to blame but with a few exceptions. If you are trying to get things right with a third party instead, I will say, you deserve of how you are being treated anyway and it's entirely your fault. If you are wrong, and you know it, then do what you supposed to and again, with the person involved.

If you are coward enough to go through a third party, I shall say, good luck with your life because not everyone can tolerate such gutless behavior. I know I can't, it's absolutely unacceptable and improper. If you insist of doing so, please go ahead, because I have no control over someone else's behavior and actions anyway.

I have just one belief. If you are guilty, you are in the wrong, settle it with the person involved only. If you have not been entertained, it's just your luck. People like you have made my life so difficult, as I have people coming to me telling me about you. Yes, you, which I am not interested anymore as you have put me so low. Since, in a way, you have offended me with or without intention, I accept no apologies, from you or from a third party it doesn't really matter anymore. It's best to think before you do anything.

This is a way of me telling you not to take people's time for granted. It might just be a small thing for you, not me. After so many years, it's the most basic thing you will know of me. That was the last. Test my patience, test my tolerance. After years and years, even it means sacrificing everything, to prove my worth, I will still go ahead with no mercy. When it comes to things like this, I am very particular. This is what you have already known and for you to do it, it's just stupid. I can't stop you from what happened, but I can in the future.

Not everything can be undone, not all the time, time can heal. Once a mistake has been done, certain people and certain things can't be rectified. It's just like a scar, some scars can be healed over time, but some, will stay forever that way even after 20 years. That's exactly how it works on Earth and that's exactly how it works on humans too.