Monday, April 2, 2012

Chatime Thirstea Card Invitation - BCard

Tadaaa .. there's a Chatime card now!

Okay, I am not a big fan of the bubble tea thingy, but I do have it once in awhile. I am not the hardcore fan that get a drink from them every single week or every other week. I just drop by once in awhile when the weather is too hot, I'm feeling rather thirsty, and the queue isn't that long (which is rare).

I have no idea when did I apply this. The only thing that is possible is when I took part in the contest to win a mobile phone and I have forgotten what mobile was that for. Perhaps, a HTC? That was ages ago.

With this card, the member may enjoy the typical loyalty card benefits, and that includes points redemption, birthday tokens, members only promotion, invitation to events and launches and etc. They have partnership with participating outlets as well such as Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Wendy's and etc to name a few. This is called the BCard.


lpj said...

izit kol chat-time? last time i duno wat is dis bout so i try lor.. i tot i was eating tung yuen wor..

Panda said...

yeah it's chatime. it's nicer than tong yuen la .. this is cooling. And it's different category =.=