Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Home!

Yo! So, I arrived home last Thursday. The dream holiday had all ended. I can conclude this whole trip is a successful one despite getting up late everyday which ends up having tight schedule.

I think it has been all planned well in the sense that the people we met along the way were all angels. They helped us, they guided us to ensure that we get home safely.

We had lots of fun, we met so many nice people. Even though I have lived here my entire life, but the the people I met for that 11 days had beat all the people I met here in my own place. How embarassing can that be. We lost our way, we got stranded. But, again, that's an experience of a lifetime.

I feel fitter, I feel healthier. But then, now it's back to reality. Everything has to come to an end, and though I wish I can just stay on and on there forever, I know that's not going to happen.

Oh btw, I had a hair cut and colored my hair when I got home. This is the result.


lpj said...

natural color is best lor.. eat healthy hair wil shine ma.. but nice pic neway ;)

Panda said...

i colored my hair XD

Panda said...

i colored my hair XD