Friday, May 25, 2012

They Don't Know Their Self-Worth

I strongly believe every individual is in this universe for a reason. No matter it's for a good cause or not, you're still here.

Each one of us have a value of our own. Girls, especially came a long way to how it is today. The status had divided the 2 genders world's apart in previous times.

Now, it's time where we live in equality in certain things.

Abuse, was something happened in the past you think. You will be surprised of how often it is still happening these days. You either come to know the victim, or the abuser.

Some girls, somehow, just allow the guys to abuse them. Some, had attempted running away, ended up getting caught and eventually got abused even worse than they had been. Some, are too afraid to speak out, continue being abused, and all these abusers could walk away freely. The feeling of being paranoid, the fear, and some die without getting the abusers being found out.

There are some who chose to stay on. They don't know their self worth. They don't know this should not be happening. They don't know that a guy who raises his hand, is the guy you should walk away instantly without a second thought. A real man does not raise his hand no matter how bad the circumstances. A real man protects the weaker one, not release it on them.

Some don't know they can speak out. Some are clueless on what can they do. Some have the fear of losing someone, they rather get abused.

They just don't know that only themselves can change their own lives. All they need is to be courageous, to be brave enough to stand up and walk away without looking back because abuse is wrong, it's absolutely wrong. It should not even be existed. Your life is in your hands. Whether you wanna make that change or not, you decide. We always have options and choices in life. It just depends what you want in life, and if you dare to take the risk.

Personally, I strongly disagree and detest using violence against anything and anyone. We are all educated and civilized that we can come to a solution by talking it out. Humans were not born just yesterday. We have learned, grown, and went through so many revolution to how it is today.

Those who do must be from the lowest of the low life because you have no respect, you're uneducated, uncivilized and your actions are just certainly too uncalled-for in humankind.