Tuesday, June 26, 2012

한국: Day 1 Part 2

On the day we arrived in Jeju, we didn't really do anything as it was already evening by the time we settled down in the room. It's more like an evening walk on that day. Our journey had finally begun.

We took a stroll along the road there as there were restaurants around, so we just hopped in to those that do not look too luxurious for our pocket. Apparently, the street there is famous for Black Pork. It's called the Black Pork Street and every restaurant, or most of them were just advertising the black pork there and nothing else.

Who will ever say NO to food, right? Here comes the nice part, FOOD! It was getting colder as the sun had gone down, and we still chose to sit out where we can feel the wind. That can complement with alcohol really well.

Ahhhh ... the food ...

I have been good since January, please give me a break. Allow me to drink. On the first night itself ^^

So, it was us .. haha

That pic earlier wasn't just beer, but it's also Soju. It's how they drink there. Mix them together and gulp haha. Put the soju first, followed by beer.

Tadaaa ....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Do Your Dreams Say About You?

I heard the phrase that your dreams say a lot about you, and I don't know how true is that. To a certain extent, it might be true as there are always a reason for everything. How do you interpret your dreams in your awake life? All of my dreams are very well pictured and it's really in details.

The first weird dream I had of late was a dream that I had of SP getting pregnant, which is the last person I should dream of being in that state. She still refused to get married even after she found out that she's pregnant.

Second dream. It was a badminton competition, and it wasn't merely competition. In order to get through that, you will need to get pecked by a snake, specifically your ankle area. I dreamed that everyone were coming for me to get pecked by the snake on behalf.

Third dream. It was a company outing, we were in Penang. I dreamed that we were in the snake temple and I was all screaming for help. My senior did not help me, instead he was laughing at me.

Forth dream. I dreamed that all the seafood were coming after me, like whole lot of them and wanting to eat me up, especially the lobster. This is seriously not cool.

Fifth dream. This is just so weird. I dreamed that my colleague suddenly became a relative of mine out of nowhere. We were travelling God knows where. There were 2 white guys walking in front of us, also people we know. I was walking with a cousin. I fell and I slipped at the slope til the entrance of a place. At another separate occasion, my uncle was telling this colleague of mine that they are all going out and there's nobody at home. This colleague then replied, it's fine I can walk out to the main road to take a cab. Guess what? The house was actually my friend's house. It's just so messed up.

I did some research about dreams and it's not a good sign. Being chased, falling down are signs that indicated of insecurity, helpless, high anxiety, feeling out of control. It may also indicate a missed opportunity. I need professional help!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just One Mistake

When two people are involved, outsiders can never see like how both are seeing it.

Outsiders and strangers can always question, why bother bout what people think? Just do what you like, and be happy with the decision. Just never regret.

It's really easy to say that but when it comes to you, the party involved, I supposed you will not ever say that. Until the day you personally experience being the centre of attention, then you will finally know what it feels like, how it feels like. It feels like your every movement is monitored and being watched. Having said that, when you share that exact same sentiments, you wouldn't say such statements anymore.

Living sometimes is not all bout yourself. When you are out there, you are not living a life of your own anymore. People are living your life. If you are not careful, there will be consequences that followed by.

We are all putting a show when we are out there, whether we like it or not. That's why before doing anything, think. One mistake and you're done. Literally.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

한국: Day 1 Part 1

We had actually touched down the night before. Omg, this is just too awesome. This was what we were waiting for! The day had arrived upon our eyes! The weather was just beautiful.

This was from our room in Incheon. It was very quiet and calm here despite being a city.

We needed to get to the airport ... to fly to the honeymoon land - Jeju Island

Ahhh ..... We saw JYJ! Ahhh .... Okay it wasn't the real them, but STILL!!!

Welcome to our Jeju home for the next 5 days ^^

Look at the narrow and winding stair cases ... we needed to take our big luggage up and down. No lift babeh ... up we go banging all of the corners.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Disgusting, Horrifying Dude

It has been almost 2 years now that the incident happened, the fact that I was almost harassed due to work commitment.

How time flies, that fat ass who wanted to have extra service. He was desperate enough to ask a hotel employee. I was not keen, in fact I was insulted by that request and I looked really low on him thereafter.

I know what was I doing, I know my job scope very well but offering extra services is absolutely not my job. I'm sorry dude, my price is way too expensive for you. You definitely can't afford.

I can still remember that bloody look on his face on that particular night. So what we as employee, I do not have to please everyone of you out there when it's so unreasonable and offensive. You're just out of your mind. Leave all the bullshit out from me, I am not interested. I might not be speaking on behalf of every girl out there, but I am definitely speaking for MYSELF.

How can these guys ask for it like that? Guys. Sigh. It's horrendous. He's just one of the many guys that approached me. At least, others were mindful of what they say to me, they just asked if I would like to have coffee with them. This dude, is just way too much. Do whatever you want, leave me out from your business and I will be happy.

You're just one very disgusting, horrifying, unwanted ass. Get a life. If you don't, just get a pimp's number and be done with it. Do not ask professionals from a reputable place. It won't work.

2 years gone and I am still able to remember it vividly, from your face to how you have asked. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all. Learn from it dude, money doesn't mean anything. That is a miserable 500 bucks anyway. I earn my own money. It comes slower but I earn it legally and I do not need your help. Offer to those who need it more, I, for one, certainly do not need your help and do not wanna have anything to do with you or anyone related to you because everything about you is too absurd. I cannot accept it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Korean Trip - Preview

On April 16th, 2012, the three of us had gone to chase our dream of a lifetime. We met in all our previous working place in 2010, just before I resigned back then. We have made plans to chase all our same goal, same dreams - a trip down to Korea. It may be a long time, 2 years, but it has all been well worthwhile.

Nothing can stop us any longer. Just nothing. We have made all the arrangements, and we are set to go. Just a week before the trip, I fell rather sick, did all I could so that I recover. In that one week, I took extra good care of my food and drinks I consumed. I recovered, not 100% but I was fit enough to travel.

We flew over to South Korea with Air Asia, the three of us packed our bags, leaving everything here for 10 days and flew. Forget all the stuff that is happening here and ensure we will have the time of our lives there, and so we did.

This is our dinner for the first night itself when we touched down. We called the guy from the hostel, had a free pick up service. Omg, the first impression were just amazing. Things were so nice, everything was good, and we are all happy people.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Release by Big Bang - Monster. These guys are getting hawter. AHHHH~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Crimes

Seriously, are you kidding me? Is it really really happening around me now?

If you don't even feel safe in your own country, how does that even makes sense? I honestly feel paranoid right at this very moment now.

I don't even know what to do. I don't know how to carry on with my daily routine of working til late as that is required not a volunteer thing.

Kidnaps, rapes, robberies ... What else can be happening? It's so dangerous out there! What am I supposed to do? All I want is to feel safe. This is so bad.

Like yeah? I can always stay home you think. There's no way people can stay home 24/7. I don't wish to be the prey in any possible way. I wish to stay home too. But, I need to work. Finishing past the normal working hours is not helping.

I hope that these people get caught real soon. People, do something about it! Lately, people had been complaining about all these shit that has been happening. Right in front of your eyes. What are they doing? This is real serious issue! Safety! That is the priority!

Please keep yourselves safe, especially ladies! This is the voice of the people, we feel really threatened! HELP!!

One after another and it keeps on going on and on. I just wanna leave in peace. Is it really that hard? Judging from how are we protected, we can conclude we won't have a peace of mind anytime soon. Just take care of yourselves, carry stuff that can be an extra precaution in the event the unfortunate happens.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Difference

I bought contact lens. The difference of with and without is kinda big. This is only the medium size. Some had gone til the extent of getting the largest available which results in not even able to see if you have the white part in your eyes, which is so freaky if you look at them.

I am not even a fan of specs. I can't wear for long, max just few days in a row. I'm so used of lenses. I started off with lens in fact, not glasses.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Girls 여자

Girls these days are getting worse and worse. As days passed, as generations passed, it's getting rather sad seeing these girls growing up like that.

My generation is bad enough. The one after me is even worse. Career what? Study what? Huh, what school?

Those that I have seen is just sad. It's all about branded stuff, who has more money, wait, more like whose parents are richer, boys, who wears skimpier, who has the ability to get the hottest guy (if there's one) okay the most popular guy then, and so forth. When it's time to work, it's more like passing time, get the money and that's all that matters to them. Ah yeah who hangs out the most, who has more pics, and all those lame stuff.

I'm not saying yeah we should all stay home and study. Or we should all stay in the office from morning til night. Hell no. It's really not necessary to show off your parents money, or whatsoever just because your shallow friends are doing that. "hey look at this, I got this xxx bag that day, my xxx bought it for me it's limited edition" yada yada yada. Please do understand that not everyone can pull off the branded look. If you can't, no matter how expensive you stuff is, you still don't look classy or whatever. Save the energy and time. Do something more productive.

Yeah, getting wasted in public is not cool, kids. Getting high is totally fine, not wasted. It looks awful and it's a complete turn off no matter how good you look before you get into that stage. Please refrain because you will be laughed at for many days and nights by strangers. There are people who enjoy and appreciate people-watching and you will be the best subject for them. If you love this kind of attention, please let me know because I'm rather stressful now I need some laughter and it will be greatly appreciated if only you will be kind enough to allow me to laugh at you doing funny stuff. Hahs.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Negative Aura

We live in a world filled with cruelty everywhere. The best person you can count on is actually yourself. Nobody else.

Negative people are people you ought to avoid. Those days, people will say, you should be there for your friends, or else what kind of friend are you. How true can that be? If they are so negative, they are only going to you to tell you their problems, then this isn't friendship in the first place. Your core friendship are based on problems and it isn't healthy at all.

My own personal belief is to help yourself first before helping the others. If I'm good and I can cope by myself, only will I be able to help you. That does not mean that you can expect me to be there for you every other time. If you are always going to the same person everytime just for the same damn reason, I really will think that there's something wrong with you.

If you keep on complaining about the same shit every single day, then the problem lies in you too. I, for one, will try my level best not to help you, but to avoid you after given a certain timeframe.

I do not believe having negative people around me. I do not believe that having negative people can improve my life. The negative aura that you give out reflects what kind of person are you in general. Even if in the beginning I am a very positive person, and having a negative person all the time with me, I end up being negative which is not what I wanna end up eventually.

So yea, the world is cruel, it's about being selfish, it's about yourself, not about others. You put yourself first, and if you keep on behaving in the same way after countless advises, please do not blame others if they start distancing themselves from you because you're the problem. It's good that if you can reflect on yourself about things like how are you as a person, it will actually do not irritate people.

It's not that something I encountered or any sort, but just saying. I don't wish to be a heroin in other people's lives. I just wanna be a heroin in my own life. That's the best I could ask for. At the same time, I don't expect people to be there for me. It's vice versa. If you have high expectations from me, I am afraid you're so gonna be disappointed. Conclusion, please don't. I am bad at meeting people's expectations. Again, just saying. Haha.