Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Crimes

Seriously, are you kidding me? Is it really really happening around me now?

If you don't even feel safe in your own country, how does that even makes sense? I honestly feel paranoid right at this very moment now.

I don't even know what to do. I don't know how to carry on with my daily routine of working til late as that is required not a volunteer thing.

Kidnaps, rapes, robberies ... What else can be happening? It's so dangerous out there! What am I supposed to do? All I want is to feel safe. This is so bad.

Like yeah? I can always stay home you think. There's no way people can stay home 24/7. I don't wish to be the prey in any possible way. I wish to stay home too. But, I need to work. Finishing past the normal working hours is not helping.

I hope that these people get caught real soon. People, do something about it! Lately, people had been complaining about all these shit that has been happening. Right in front of your eyes. What are they doing? This is real serious issue! Safety! That is the priority!

Please keep yourselves safe, especially ladies! This is the voice of the people, we feel really threatened! HELP!!

One after another and it keeps on going on and on. I just wanna leave in peace. Is it really that hard? Judging from how are we protected, we can conclude we won't have a peace of mind anytime soon. Just take care of yourselves, carry stuff that can be an extra precaution in the event the unfortunate happens.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it is very worrying recently these things been coming up alot. Just be extra careful dude thats all.. Thats why lar u need bodyguard like me :P

Eh where your buddy lpj suddenly quiet.. lpj where have u gone to?lolz =.=


lpj said...

knn limpeh bz la. y? u miss me ah!

Panda said...

ROFL wth. Bodyguards? Hmm. I just need someone to bela me and I don't need to work hahaa ...