Friday, June 15, 2012

Disgusting, Horrifying Dude

It has been almost 2 years now that the incident happened, the fact that I was almost harassed due to work commitment.

How time flies, that fat ass who wanted to have extra service. He was desperate enough to ask a hotel employee. I was not keen, in fact I was insulted by that request and I looked really low on him thereafter.

I know what was I doing, I know my job scope very well but offering extra services is absolutely not my job. I'm sorry dude, my price is way too expensive for you. You definitely can't afford.

I can still remember that bloody look on his face on that particular night. So what we as employee, I do not have to please everyone of you out there when it's so unreasonable and offensive. You're just out of your mind. Leave all the bullshit out from me, I am not interested. I might not be speaking on behalf of every girl out there, but I am definitely speaking for MYSELF.

How can these guys ask for it like that? Guys. Sigh. It's horrendous. He's just one of the many guys that approached me. At least, others were mindful of what they say to me, they just asked if I would like to have coffee with them. This dude, is just way too much. Do whatever you want, leave me out from your business and I will be happy.

You're just one very disgusting, horrifying, unwanted ass. Get a life. If you don't, just get a pimp's number and be done with it. Do not ask professionals from a reputable place. It won't work.

2 years gone and I am still able to remember it vividly, from your face to how you have asked. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all. Learn from it dude, money doesn't mean anything. That is a miserable 500 bucks anyway. I earn my own money. It comes slower but I earn it legally and I do not need your help. Offer to those who need it more, I, for one, certainly do not need your help and do not wanna have anything to do with you or anyone related to you because everything about you is too absurd. I cannot accept it.

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