Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Korean Trip - Preview

On April 16th, 2012, the three of us had gone to chase our dream of a lifetime. We met in all our previous working place in 2010, just before I resigned back then. We have made plans to chase all our same goal, same dreams - a trip down to Korea. It may be a long time, 2 years, but it has all been well worthwhile.

Nothing can stop us any longer. Just nothing. We have made all the arrangements, and we are set to go. Just a week before the trip, I fell rather sick, did all I could so that I recover. In that one week, I took extra good care of my food and drinks I consumed. I recovered, not 100% but I was fit enough to travel.

We flew over to South Korea with Air Asia, the three of us packed our bags, leaving everything here for 10 days and flew. Forget all the stuff that is happening here and ensure we will have the time of our lives there, and so we did.

This is our dinner for the first night itself when we touched down. We called the guy from the hostel, had a free pick up service. Omg, the first impression were just amazing. Things were so nice, everything was good, and we are all happy people.


tIcKLeMe said...

yums!!! i miss going for holidays!!!! :"(

Panda said...

oh yeah tell me about it